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The new chapter will leave moments of tension between the participants of the Channel 13 reality show.

The new period reality show Channel 13, “Win or Serve?”will live a new chapter tonight Monday, May 6 at 10:10 p.m.through the screens of the 13 and on all its platforms.

The new episode of Channel 13 reality show will leave several conflicts between the participants of the bullfight.

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One of the fights will star Camila Recabarren again with Mariela Sotomayor. The conflict will originate from a dirty dish: “I eat the choritos with lemon,” said the former Miss Chile, after a sarcastic comment from the journalist.

On the other hand, Oriana Marzoli and Fran Maira pretend that they are cleaning the kitchen, but their only intention is to make noise to disturb the new ladies, in the middle of an activity. Because of this, Camila Recabarren will come to rebuke them.

On the other hand, Matias Vega It will arrive with a new activity that will cause friction between the participants.

Faloon Larraguibel confesses in

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‘Win or Serve?’: What time is the new chapter?

The new episode of reality will be issued this May 6 after T13 Central, and you can follow it through the screens of Channel 13 and all its platforms.

‘Win or serve?’ – Channel 13

It is worth noting that the confinement of “Win or Serve?” is issued from from Sunday to Thursday in prime timethrough the screens of Channel 13 and on all its platforms, with the animation of Sergio Lagos and Karla Constant.

‘Win or Serve?’ is co-produced by Cooking Media and Latina TV and follows the path of Canal 13 in this genre, the same one that was born in Chile on its screens 20 years ago and that gave life to hits remembered to this day, such as “Protagonists of fame”, “The farm”, “The VIP farm”, “1810”, “Year 0”, “Opposite worlds” and “Tierra Brava”between many more.

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