Santiago del Moro announced when Big Brother ends and this is how the participants reacted

Santiago del Moro announced when Big Brother ends and this is how the participants reacted
Santiago del Moro announced when Big Brother ends and this is how the participants reacted

This was the reaction of the players when Santiago del Moro confirmed what day Big Brother ends

The confinement and the months of coexistence are beginning to weigh on the players of the Telefe reality show and, for that reason, the announcement he made Santiago del Moro This Monday at the start of the gala was of great importance for them.

After several speculations and the postponement of the reality show, Del Moro finally informed the players and also the television audience that The final of the Big Brother 2023 edition will be in the first days of July.

Although, so far, there is no specific day due to Telefe’s television commitments with the Conmebol Libertadores and the Argentine National Team matches. “I can’t give you an exact date because it depends on many things that exist in the field at a sporting level,” Santiago told them and clarified: “It’s going to be the first days of July, not much longer. One more month and a half”.

“Wow, tremendous,” he said. Rage. While, Virginia He did not make any comments. Baptist celebrated with him Chinese and clarified: “Boludo, I thought it was before,” since the little brothers believed that the competition was ending this month, as planned. According to Telefe, if this year’s edition ends on July 1, it would far surpass what was the longest edition so far, that of Big Brother 7164 days between 2011 and 2012.

After the entry of family and friends, this is how the new Big Brother house will be, at least for a few days

Today is a different, spectacular, unique program. We are all celebrating. There are nine suitcases, nine loved ones of the players who are still in the competition and they enter the house in minutes. Many sense this, many asked when it was going to happen. Because this time last year, the same thing happened. But now it won’t be like last year, because it’s going to be much spicier. “This is how this edition is,” Santiago del Moro told the participants and immediately confirmed to the television audience that the loved ones of the little brothers They were about to enter.

The first to enter was Facundofriend of Martin Ku. “I’m super nervous and happy, obviously,” said the boy and then received the driver’s instructions. “What are you doing here, bolu…?!” Chino said to him, as soon as he saw him inside the house. “Nooo, I can’t believe it,” Martín insisted, very surprised by the arrival.

The entrance of Facundo, Martín Ku’s friend, to the house

Oh, Zoe, your mom” Emmanuel shouted when he saw that Aixa He walked through the door of the house and hugged his daughter. Crying, the two pampered each other for a long time, to the excitement of the rest of the house. Afterwards, the woman greeted all of Zoe’s companions one by one, thus completing the second entry into the house.

Then it was the turn of Dewfriend of Juliana Rage Scaglione. “We have been friends for almost two years,” she had said in the studio when introducing herself to Del Moro. “Where is my friend?” Rocío shouted. “What are you doing stupid? The fucking mother…It’s good that you dared to enter! Thank you”Fury told him.

The cat Noeliathe renowned cumbia singer, made her entry as a friend of Immanuel. “Thank you big for inviting me, it’s a pleasure. “I am from Córdoba…” she said as she entered the door. “Oh, friend, how I missed you,” he said, crying and after having run to meet her.

Noelia La Gata’s entrance to the GH house

He then made his presentation Frankthe brother of Baptist. “What are you doing here? “You are white, what happened to you?” said the participant. “Well, you sunbathe all day, what do you want me to do,” his brother, from Uruguay, retorted.

While, Sunfriend of Florence, went through the door and caused the contestant to run away screaming. “Ahhh, what are you doing here, babyaaa?”, said. A spontaneous cry arose between them and without a doubt the emotion was already the main protagonist of the night.

Then it appeared Matthewfriend of Nico. More tears while “By the side of the road” sounded in the air. Fito Paez and, at this point in the night and with so much surprise generated by the entry of the new members, the conversations were mixed and the excitement continued to increase.

“Go alone to the gallery, look out,” Santiago del Moro told Dario When making a link in the house and calling everyone to sit in the living room, the participant listened to him and a while later his son appeared. Franciscowith “Stay or leave.”

The last one to enter was Dolphinthe daughter of Virginia, after the driver made the participant believe that there would be no one for her. However, a while later she asked him to come to the door and he kept her there for a few minutes, waiting. Finally, the young woman opened the door with a scream and the contestant ran towards her to melt into an excited hug that left her speechless. “Listen to me, from now on don’t ask me anything. The only thing I can tell you is that everything is fine, okay?” Delfina told her mother.

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