Alana Lliteras and Guty Carrera have fun with kisses and hugs

Alana Lliteras and Guty Carrera have fun with kisses and hugs
Alana Lliteras and Guty Carrera have fun with kisses and hugs

Alana Lliteras and Guty Carrera They could be the new couple of former participants of The House of the Famous. They both attended the birthday party. Molasses and they were very romantic.

The Mexican and the model traveled together Babyshita and Robbie Mora to celebrate in The big Apple to one of the most beloved inhabitants of the house.

Through the stories from Instagram and some posts, there was evidence of how much fun they had at the celebration. In one of her videos you can see Alana sitting on Guty’s legs, while he holds her waist.

In the clip you can also see that they say something in their ears and that they kiss each other, although it is not possible to see if it was on the mouth or on the cheek.

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In another recording, the two appear dancing and enjoying the night while cuddling. The celebration shared a photo of these two lovebirds and wrote: “My partner. They call me the godfather.”

Images from the party also show that Aleska was among the guests.

Internet users react

The supposed romance of these former housemates has generated all kinds of reactions on social networks, some applauding this connection and many others asking that it not be true.

“It’s good that love was stronger than all the haters”, “we want a wedding”, “our favorite couple Gutyana We love you”, “how beautiful, be happy and enjoy”, “the most beautiful, my favorite couple” and “many can’t stand it”, are some of the messages that can be read in the photo of Molasses.

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So far this alleged romance between Alana and Guty has not been confirmed and they have not expressed themselves about it either.

The truth is that the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos has left several couples who continue to give something to talk about, such as the one made up of clovis and Aleska, who have already formalized their courtship.

It is also said that Ariadne and Romeh They would be advancing in their relationship that could end in something more than a friendship.

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