Fabio broke the silence after fighting with Mateucci in Win or Serve

Fabio broke the silence after fighting with Mateucci in Win or Serve
Fabio broke the silence after fighting with Mateucci in Win or Serve

Recordemos que el ganador de Tierra Brava escupió un vaso de agua que sirvió al argentino y luego se lo arrojó en la cabeza, lo que desató la furia de este último.

Mateucci, furioso con lo sucedido, se puso de pie y atacó a su enemigo, pero luego los separaron. “¡A ver quién tiene más huevos!”, le espetó Fabio al trasandino, mientras seguían conteniéndolos.

Lo cierto es que, a través de redes sociales, el español disparó contra la producción de Ganar o Servir, por la edición del momento.

¡Más editado! Cómo le cuidan el cul… ¿Nadie se pregunta por qué, cuando se levanta, hay un cambio de imagen innecesario que no deja ver nada?”, cuestionó.

“Sale unas mesas y gente corriendo. Lástima que no pongan todo, porque si lo llegaran a ver, lo sacaban a él también”, agregó Agostini.

Fabio Agostini contó toda su verdad tras pelea con Luis Mateucci en Ganar o Servir

However, this Friday afternoon, Fabio Agostini broke the silence and told his truth about the fight with Luis Mateucci, through audio messages sent to Luis Sandovalin I tell you.

“As everyone knows, this idiot was spitting food at me in the previous reality show. They are not funny things, they are disgusting, it is a lack of respect and a very great cowardice. I am no saint, I am another demon, but at least I am going ahead“, commented the Hispanic.

Then, he attacked what Channel 13 decided to show: “It’s incredible how they edit everything, the editing is incredible. I was waiting for this episode, because I wanted to see the entire fight, they didn’t show it in its entirety,” she lamented.

They have cut a lot of things to make him good againand make me feel bad, but hey, I’m used to it,” he added.

He even assured that this practice is carried over from the program that he won a few weeks ago.

“This comes from Brave Land, they always edited things and I’m the bad guy in the movie, but hey, I’ll put up with it. I’m like Deadpool, a villainous hero that people end up liking as the public gets to know me. In the end they’ll like me”he continued.

Fabio Agostini acusó agresión de Luis Mateucci: “Me dejó rasguños con sangre”

Later, he stopped to clarify what the cameras did not show. Win or Serve.

“He gets up and attacks me. He grabs my arm, It squeezed me and left me with bloody scratchesthat later I was showing them to the cameras and they didn’t show it either. It made me very angry,” he claimed.

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“Those images, when he grabs me and pushes me to the wall“They didn’t put them in,” he said.

“They stopped us, grabbed us, and then the images of us fighting begin again. That’s another thing that makes me angry, that they edit it. What a shame it’s not a Big Brother“, he closed, alluding to the fact that this program is broadcast 24/7.

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