What do the four finalists of The House of the Famous do, the reality show that ends this Monday?

What do the four finalists of The House of the Famous do, the reality show that ends this Monday?
What do the four finalists of The House of the Famous do, the reality show that ends this Monday?

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After four months on the air (it premiered on February 11) and 128 episodes, The program ends on the night of this Monday, June 17 The house of the famousbroadcast by RCN and the Vix platform.

To the program hosted by Cristina Hurtado and Carla Giraldo 22 “celebrities” entered, of which only four reached the final, the day in which viewers will choose the winner of the reality show and the prize of 400 million pesos.

The last one eliminated was Alfredo Redes from Cartagena, who left the program on Sunday night. Luck is between Karen Sevillano and Miguel Melfi, enrolled in the so-called Papillentes team, and Julián Trujillo and Sebastián González, the so-called Galacticos.

The final episode airs starting at 9:00 p.m. this Monday.

Who are they?

The first of the finalists is Karen Sevillano, 28, from Cali, a renowned video maker for social networks“influencer”, in which he talks, mainly in comedy, about relationships.

He was part of the television program Hard against the worldalong with the members of Monologues without tips, and was invited to the program LOL Colombia, from the Prime Video platform, in which he reached the final alongside Don Jediondo. His humor is quite sexual and explicit, at times crude.

He was a protagonist in The house of the famous of several controversies, especially with Martha Isabel Bolaños and Julián Trujillo. At one point in the program she was punished for mistreating her classmates. She was the leader of the Papilla team and then Papillente.

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On Instagram he has 2.3 million followersa figure that makes her the great favorite to win.

For his part, Julián Trujillo is a Bogotá actor, 38 years old, well remembered for his character of Álvaro Rojas, in the soap opera Nursesfrom RCN. He was also in projects like Bolívar, The Night, Emergency Room and The Law of the Heart.

He is the boyfriend of the actress Susana Rojas and in The house of the famous It grew stronger as the chapters passed. He was the leader of the Galacticos team from the beginning. He gained a reputation as a strategist and for making plots to destabilize others.

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On Instagram he has 470,000 followers, more than 80% achieved during his presence on the reality show.

Panamanian Miguel Melfi, 26 years old, is an actor and singerwho had already won a reality show in Ecuador (The power of love). There it was controversial because they say he used a romantic relationship with a participant to reach the final.

He was one of the most unknown contestants upon his arrival and today he is one of the most popular, among other things because of the romance he had with the actress. Nátaly Umaña.

He proved to be very competitive, won many tests and was an important ally of the Papilla.

On Instagram he has a million followers. He arrived at The House of the Famous with 400,000.

Finally, Sebastián González is a Cali actor based in Mexicowho entered the program when it had already been in place for two months. His arrival was a complete coincidence, because after the premature elimination of Nanis Ocho (he only lasted 24 hours) he was called to replace her.

From the outset he aligned himself with the Los Galacticos team and was controversial for not protecting one of his teammates, who was later eliminated.

On Instagram he has 61,000 followers.

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