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In the previous chapters of ‘Original Sin’, Feyza believes that the best thing now is to join forces with Ender. They both devise a plan and manage to kick Arzu out of the company. At the same time, Kumru starts dating Ömer, but confesses to Çagatay that it is just a strategy so that no one suspects and they can be together. On the other hand, Dogan appoints Ender as the new CEO of the company and Arzu visits the enemy of her former partner after she is fired. It’s only a matter of time before Dogan comes face to face with her great rival.


Kümrü appears and leaves hand in hand with Çagatay in ‘Original Sin’

This afternoon on Antena 3, Feyza asks for some balance sheets and Ender begins to doubt her, so he orders his brother to follow her and investigate what she’s up to. Ender ends up firing her after learning that she is leaking information to Sami Önder. You lie so much, Çagatay is very angry with Kümrü and wants him to end their fake relationship, but the conversation doesn’t go as expected and they end up more at odds than ever.

On the other hand, Kümrü secretly proposes to Ömer to get married in Paris. Emir finds out and tells Yildiz the information, so she decides to have a divorce by mutual agreement. After the trial, Kümrü appears and leaves hand in hand with Çagatay. The latter uses Kümru to get revenge on Dogan and begins to organize a grand wedding.

Sami Önder offers Ender to cooperate with him in ‘Original Sin’


For his part, Dogan is very angry with his daughter and throws her out of the house. He feels ashamed of her behavior and the damage she has done to Ömer by playing with him just to get revenge on Yildiz. Meanwhile, Sami Önder offers Ender to cooperate with him, but she refuses. She has worked hard to become CEO of her company and is going to protect her job. Furthermore, a hitman hired by Sami murders Arzu. Luckily, Feyza and Ender were also their targets, but they manage to escape and survive. After the event, Sami dies.

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