In Alpha they compare Natalia with Juli from The Box 2023 Challenge: “History repeats itself”

While the members of Alpha wait for Andrea Serna’s call, they remember some participants from the 2023 edition of the reality show, since many went to Box Negro and returned triumphant.

Later, Mapi comments that Natalia is similar to Juli, but it is Santi who says “Rapelo’s” and this causes laughter. Does history repeat itself?
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Natalia shows her breasts in front of the Desafío 2024 cameras

After an intense test in the Blue Box, the members of Alpha meet in the pool to have fun for a moment and de-stress from the tension of the game. It is right there when Natalia steals her gaze in the 2024 Challenge
for taking off her bikini top.

To the surprise of all her classmates, the young woman throws her top at Santi, who remains outside the pool. The Super Human, with a great sense of humor, takes advantage to put the garment on his pectoralsgenerating laughter among those present.

Natalia hints to Kevyn that they should end their relationship so he can meet her parents.

After answering Andrea Serna’s call and raffling off at the Alpha house who will get the mail service if she wins, Natalia is very excited to receive news from her loved ones after spending several days inside La Ciudadela del Challenge 2024.

Kevyn, for his part, takes the opportunity to say that he will have the chance to meet his in-laws; However, the Super Human clarifies the situation and reminds him that he has unfinished business when he leaves the Colombian reality show.

With this comment, the young woman refers to her romance, since on multiple occasions the challenger has revealed that he has a partner with whom he has a beautiful child for whom he has done everything to raise.
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