Learn more about Buenaventura Moreno: This is what Roberto Farías will look like in El Señor de la Querencia

June 22 2024 – 1:00 p.m.

A new character joins the cast of The Lord of Querencia, which will be performed by the outstanding performer Roberto Farías.

Is about Buenaventura Morenoa very serious person who will have a very close relationship with Maria Gonzalez (Lorena Capetillo).

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According to the actor, the role’s life will be marked by humiliation and he will be faced with a series of complex dilemmas.

The Lord of Love

The Lord of Love

In what era is El Señor de la Querencia set?

The story of El Señor de la Querencia is inserted in a historical context of Chile in 1920, which after the end of the First World War, reverberates in our country with subversive anarchist movements and university students.

The plot of the fiction revolves aroundThe unexpected arrival of Manuel Pradenas (Nicolás Oyarzún), a revolutionary worker who returns from the north to say goodbye to his dying mother and who will put in check the authoritarian hegemony of José Luis Echeñique (Gabriel Cañas) in his traditional hacienda and in his marriage with Leonor Amenábar (María Gracia Omegna).

The family life of the Echeñique Amenábar family and their three children, Ignatius (Francisco Dañobeitia), Luis Emilio (Joaquín Guzmán) and Theresa (Vivianne Dietz), will be forever changed for reasons you will soon discover.

All about The Lord of Querencia

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