Carmen Villalobos expresses solidarity with ‘El Puma’ after being eliminated

Carmen Villalobos expresses solidarity with ‘El Puma’ after being eliminated
Carmen Villalobos expresses solidarity with ‘El Puma’ after being eliminated

Carmen Villalobos is the host of ‘Top Chef VIP’. For this reason, she decided to share a moving message to José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’, who also became the eighth eliminated this week from the competition that ended up surprising the Telemundo audience.

The Colombian expressed how much she enjoyed working with the Venezuelan during her participation in the program and highlighted his charisma, kindness and passion for cooking. She also thanked her for her bravery and effort in each culinary challenge, as well as her support and camaraderie with the rest of the contestants.

“Dear Puma, you are one of the noblest human beings I have ever met. For me it was a great learning experience to have you on Top Chef VIP. I remain with your education, decency and wisdom. You taught respect and for me that is the most important thing in a person. You leave a great void in us. Many things to learn from you. You were a gift to each of us. “I am very sad about your departure and I am going to miss you too much.” was the extensive message that was uploaded to the camera’s social network stories.

Villalobos left a special message that caught the attention of some and it is about respect, words that They could have been dedicated to the altercation that occurred with Alicia Machado in recent days, where many highlighted that the behavior of the professional model was a lack of respect for her partner.

The presenter was visibly excited about having to say goodbye to José Luis in person and wished him the best of luck in his future projects., recognizing that his absence will leave a void in the program that will be difficult to fill. She expressed her admiration and affection for the singer, thanking her for the opportunity to have shared this experience with him.

The elimination of ‘El Puma’ on Top Chef VIP 3 certainly touched hearts of all those who are part of the program and the viewers, demonstrating once again the impact that the passion for cooking and coexistence can have on people’s lives.

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