Big Brother elimination gala: when is it and what the polls say

Big Brother is going through the last few weeks of competition. The Telefe reality show is undoubtedly going through a very particular week, due to the elimination of Furia, the most controversial participant of this edition.

Despite this, In the next few hours a new departure will be defined since this Sunday, June 23, 2024, a new elimination gala on GH. To try to anticipate the next eliminated, on social networks fans participate in different surveys.

The leader of the week was Emmanuel, so he decided to save Dario. In this way, the players who make up the nominees board are The Bros: Martín Ku, Bautista and Nicolás. One of them will leave the game this Sunday. The gala will begin at 10 p.m.

Big Brother elimination gala: what the polls say

In the polls carried out during the previous days, the Big Brother fans They cast their votes and gave the first tentative results on the next eliminated. In this context, the account World Famous Ok on Instagram threw that The main candidate to leave the house is Nicolás. He is followed by Martín Ku. Bautista is the favorite in this poll.

The GH Trivia poll on X showed something similar: Nicolás is the one targeted to leave the houseEl Chino also follows and Bautista seems to be the favorite to continue in the game.

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