Glock tells the women how he feels about the gift Kratos gave him

While they cook, Glock tells Karoline and Daryln that Kratos gave him a very special gift and says: “We didn’t have time to share, but I thought it was very tender,” and seeing her reaction, the women tease her.
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Glock when she was blonde

With the Colombians waiting for her, Her followers rescued a photograph in which the streamer also looks very different. There her appearance is different, since she left aside her characteristic dark hair and is completely blonde.

To the rhythm of a Bad Bunny song and with his video game studio in the background, The Barranquilla woman appears wearing a light-colored wig that would answer the question of what she would look like with a radical change of look.

There the comments were immediate and there were several compliments he received from fans and friends. When you leave the Challenge, will your hair color change again?
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Glock del Desafío talked about his bankruptcy after investing in a business that failed

Losing all of his savings caused Glock to enter a crisis of anxiety and depression, as Since she was 17 she lived alone and was independent, but from one day to the next she lost everything after investing in a hair salon that didn’t work.

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