The secret of the Thai police that could change everything in the trial against Daniel Sancho

The secret of the Thai police that could change everything in the trial against Daniel Sancho
The secret of the Thai police that could change everything in the trial against Daniel Sancho

One of the points that delayed the investigation process was revealed in the middle of the trial – credit Infobae

During one of the trials that has generated the most relevance in Colombia and Spain, in which Daniel Sancho is accused of premeditatedly ending the life of surgeon Edwin Arrieta during his vacation in Thailand; The testimony of a police officer in this country could completely change the course of the case.

In Spain they speculate that what has been recorded so far in the trial has only increased the possibility that Sancho will be sentenced to the death penalty, with the purchase of several knives before the crime being one of the points with which the Authorities seek to affirm that the Spaniard had planned to end the Colombian’s life and disappear the body.

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Although Sancho initially confessed that he had ended Arrieta’s life, months later he remarked that it would have been an accident, so The Colombian’s autopsy was one of the crucial points to delegitimize or not the new Spanish version, since through this process the cause of the surgeon’s death could be determined..

Finally, and after several months of searching, this was ruled out after the authorities reported that it was not possible to know the cause of Arrieta’s death because the thorax was not found in the sea or the landfill indicated by Sancho; In this way, the version of the Thai police in which it was stated that the Spaniard stabbed the Colombian in the chest was the one formally presented in the report delivered to the prosecution.

The authorities stated that Edwin Arrieta's chest was not found - credit Thai Police
The authorities stated that Edwin Arrieta’s chest was not found – credit Thai Police

According to journalist Álvaro López de Telecinco, During one of the last sessions of the trial, the agents who were in charge of the case were asked about the existence of Arrieta’s chest, to which one of the police officers stated “I only transcribed what my bosses told me.”which opened the door to the existence of this part of the body, which would be crucial to determine the causes of the Colombian’s death.

In the same way, López highlighted that this question from the judge was recorded after a document was revealed in which it is stated that a torso was found during the search, but the other reports do not mention it.

“We have had access to a document, number 241, where on August 4, the day the police went where Daniel Sancho allegedly deposited the doctor’s body and collected three specific parts. Police found a left hand, a skull and a thorax“said the journalist from Telecinco.

The Thai police would have found Edwin Arrieta's chest in the sea - credit EFE
The Thai police would have found Edwin Arrieta’s chest in the sea – credit EFE

In the event that it is confirmed that Edwin Arrieta’s thorax was found, this could confirm or deny the version in which Daniel Sancho stated that the Colombian’s death occurred during an argument in which he ended up hitting himself with the bathroom sink. bathroom, while the police emphasize that the Spaniard stabbed the surgeon and then dismembered him.

It should be noted that this clarification could completely change Sancho’s destiny, since If it is confirmed that he planned the murder of the Colombian, it is most likely that he will end up being sentenced to the death penalty and not life imprisonment, which is the objective of his lawyers..

While the trial against the Spaniard will continue on April 23, the leak of this information coincides with the arrest of two Telecinco journalists in Thailand, who despite stating that they have a valid work visa, are being held in a station from the police because the agents told them that the permit they have does not allow them to carry out journalistic work.

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