72-year-old man took a DNA test and discovered that his sister was his mother

72-year-old man took a DNA test and discovered that his sister was his mother
72-year-old man took a DNA test and discovered that his sister was his mother

A 72-year-old man named Paul McLister from Sarnia, Canada, grew up with his two sisters, one biological and one adopted, like him, this information was never hidden from the subject, but his adoptive parents did not reveal much information about his biological relatives, according to ‘CTV News ‘.

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The only thing he knew about them was that they were a French-Canadian couple and they had given him up for adoption when he was a baby, but his curiosity grew as the years went by, so he His three oldest children gave him a DNA kit to find out about his origins.

How did you find out that your sister was your mother?

The whole family was waiting to find out who Paul McLister’s real parents were, that’s when one of his four nieces managed to get the answers, since the woman gave him a photograph of her mother, Gloria, who had a pregnant photo at the same time the subject was born.

This surprised him: “It turns out that who I thought was my sister was actually my biological mother and my niece was my sister.” Since his birth was at the end of 1946 and beginning of 1947, the man assumed that his father could have met his mother after World War II, according to ‘CTV News’.

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All he knew was, “She lived and grew up in Windsor, and he grew up and lived in Detroit. So, you know, “Back in the ’40s, crossing the border was like going to downtown Sarnia.”McLister assumes that his father never knew of his existence, because it was a fleeting love.

His search did not end there, since through a photo he learned that he had more family: “Once my half-sister on my father’s side saw the photo, she responded to me and told me: ‘I had a lot of suspicions, but once I saw your photo, I had no doubts that you were my brother because I really like my biological father.’.

After this, he discovered that he had three other siblings who reside between South Carolina, Ohio and Michigan. In 2021 she met with two of them, as they wanted to meet him and their relationship grew stronger: “It was something I always wanted to know and it took me 72 years to discover it, but I finally did.”

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