Israel killed a Hezbollah member in a drone strike against a vehicle in Lebanon

Israel killed a Hezbollah member in a drone strike against a vehicle in Lebanon
Israel killed a Hezbollah member in a drone strike against a vehicle in Lebanon

A member of the Shiite party-militia Hezbollah died this Monday in a bombing carried out by an Israeli Army drone against a car in the surroundings of the Lebanese city of Chehabiyenearly Shot (south).

The deceased is Mohamed Mustafa Ayub, alias ‘Jalal’, as reported by Hezbollah in a statement in which the group indicates that he was born in 1979 in the city of Selaa, on the outskirts of Tyre. The Israeli Army has also confirmed the identity of the deceased, which it considers “a key operative in the Nasser rocket and missile unit of the terrorist organization Hezbollah.”

“In recent months he has been involved in organizing the launching of rockets against citizens of the State of Israel,” said the Israeli Army, which sought with this attack “to prevent the strengthening of the terrorist organization Hezbollah with weapons and means of war.” .

According to information collected by the Lebanese state news agency, NNAthe vehicle was traveling around Chehabiyé when it was hit, without Israel having commented on the matter.

On the other hand, another drone has carried out a bombing near Meis al Jabal, while the Army has bombed the road between Kafarkila and Deir Mimas and the surroundings of Khiam, with no information on casualties for now.

In addition, there have also been attacks against Yibein and Yarine, as reported by the newspaper L’Orient-Le Jour. The Israeli Armed Forces have confirmed “an attack against a terrorist infrastructure and a military structure of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in the Meis al Jabal area.”

Israeli Army spokesman Daniel Hagari recently accused Hezbollah of “increase their aggression” against Israeli territory and has warned that the situation “is on the verge” of an expansion of the conflict, which “could have devastating consequences for Lebanon and the region.”

“Hezbollah is endangering the future of Lebanon to act as a shield for Hamas,” he said, referring to the fact that hostilities broke out a day after the Palestinian Islamist group carried out its attacks against Israeli territory on October 7, which They left around 1,200 dead and around 240 kidnapped.

The Israeli Army and Hezbollah – backed by Iran and which has significant political weight in Lebanon – have been engaged in a series of clashes since October 8, a day after the attacks carried out by Hamas and other Palestinian factions.

Since then, Gazan authorities, controlled by the Islamist group, have reported the deaths of more than 37,300 Palestinians.

(With information from Europa Press)

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