Benjamin Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet

Benjamin Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet
Benjamin Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet

The decision was made official days after the departure of former centrist general Benny Gantz from the body, which had been created a few days after the conflict with Hamas broke out, was announced.


Days after the departure of the former centrist general from the Government Benny Gantzthe prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the dissolution of the war cabineta six-member body that had been formed days after the conflict with the group broke out Hamas.

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Following this decision, the president is expected to hold consultations on the Gaza war with a group of ministers, including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, who had been part of the war cabinet.

The measure was announced while US special envoy Amos Hochstein visited Jerusalemtrying to calm the situation on the disputed border with Lebanon, where Israel said clashes with the militia Hezbollah, backed by Iran, they were pushing the region into a broader conflict.

In addition, the Israeli army announced on Monday that it had killed a senior operative in one of the rocket and missile sections of Hezbollah in the Selaa area, southern Lebanon. In turn, he assured that operations in southern and central Gaza against Hamas fighters continued.

Netanyahu had faced demands from his coalition’s nationalist-religious partners, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, to be included in the war cabineta measure that would have aggravated tension with international partners, including the United States.

The war cabinet was formed after Gantz joined Netanyahu in a national unity government at the start of the war in October, and also included as observers Gantz’s partner Gadi Eisenkot and Aryeh Deri, head of the religious party. Shas.

Gantz and Eisenkot left the government last week, over what they viewed as Netanyahu’s failure to form a strategy for the Gaza war.

Tension on the Israel-Lebanon border increases

Hochstein arrived in Israel after weeks of growing tension on the line that separates Israel from Lebanon, where Israeli forces have been engaged for months in a latent conflict with Hezbollah that is advancing in parallel with the offensive in Gaza.

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated in the Blue Line area, which divides both countries, leaving eerily deserted areas of abandoned towns and farms hit by almost daily bombings. “The current state of affairs is not a sustainable reality,” government spokesman David Mencer said at a briefing.

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