couple was electrocuted in a jacuzzi and the woman sued after the death of her husband

couple was electrocuted in a jacuzzi and the woman sued after the death of her husband
couple was electrocuted in a jacuzzi and the woman sued after the death of her husband

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A tragic story has shaken the international tourism community. Lizzette Zambrano and her husband Jorge Guillén were electrocuted in a jacuzzi of the Sonoran Sea Resort, located in Sonora, Mexico, which was described as a case of “gross negligence,” which led to Guillén’s death earlier this month.

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The woman, from El Paso County, Texas, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two Mexican tourism companies, claiming more than a million dollars in compensation.

According to the lawsuit, Zambrano accuses the “operators, managers and owners” of the Sonoran Sea Resort of gross negligence, which caused her injuries and the death of her husband.

“I want someone to take responsibility for what happened to my husband and me,” Zambrano told the program. Good Morning America of the ABC network in an interview broadcast on Friday.

The lawsuit details that the couple was enjoying a vacation at the resort on June 11 when they decided to relax in the hot tub. Tragically, when Guillén entered the water, He was immediately exposed to an electric current. “Jorge immediately collapsed into the bathtub and fell below the surface of the water,” the lawsuit reads. Desperate, Zambrano jumped from the pool deck to try to rescue her husband. but he also suffered an electric shock.

Efforts to rescue Guillen intensified when other guests tried to help by using a shepherd’s cross and other objects to pull him out of the water. However, these attempts were in vain, since the metal objects also carried the electric current, causing more shocks to rescuers.

The lawsuit includes vacation rental companies Casago, LLC, Casago International, LLC and High Desert Travel, Inc.

CNN contacted these companies, but only Casago LLC responded, stating: “We are devastated by what happened and our hearts go out to the family and victims of this terrible incident.”

Casago LLC claimed that The Sonoran Sea is a condominium complex where the homeowners association is responsible for all common areas, including maintenance of the pool and hot tubs. Casago, as a vacation rental company, is not involved in the management or maintenance of the complex, and its involvement is limited to the reservation of the condominium.

El Paso County Judge Francisco at least July 2.

“Preserving this evidence is important to the prosecution of Ms. Zambrano’s case and a crucial first step in this litigation, to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again,” stated Zambrano’s attorney, Tej Paranjpe.

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Finally, the lawsuit describes Jorge Guillén as a father “hardworking, affectionate, loving, compassionate, energetic, cooperative, patient and attentive, who provided guidance, counsel, advice, protection, comfort, services, care and attention to his family.” His death has left Lizzette without the love and company of her husband, depriving her of the affection, comfort and assistance that he provided her.

This sad event highlights the importance of safety and maintenance in tourist facilities, remembering that vacations, a time meant for rest and fun, can turn into tragedy without due diligence and responsibility.

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