Colpatria announces alliance with Chile to benefit users

Colpatria announces alliance with Chile to benefit users
Colpatria announces alliance with Chile to benefit users


Apr 22, 2024 – 4:36 pm

Financial entities in the country always advance in coordination processes with other institutions or banks to expand their range of impact, a situation that is not limited to the local level, since these cooperation efforts also extend to the international level.

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Taking the above into account, Scotiabank Colpatria confirmed a new cooperation alliance that promises to benefit many Chileans currently residing in Colombian territory.

“The alliance seeks to establish cooperative relationships that allow supporting Chilean citizens and companies in Colombia with financial solutions,” Colpatria detailed.

The above not only benefits natural persons, but also southern companies that have headquarters in national territory. The advice for this population will be specialized, They will be able to count on bankers who are experts on the subject, who have knowledge of the two economies (Colombian and Chilean).

“Thanks to this strategic alliance, Chilean companies and citizens of that country in Colombia will be able to access specialized financial products, with expert bankers who will provide them with personalized advice, being able to access, among other things, the wide range of products and services that Scotiabank Colpatria offers throughout the country,” explained Scotiabank Colpatria.

What benefits will Chileans have in Colombia?

And although several banks have different headquarters throughout the region, they cannot always access special services from the brands and, even, these benefits are only intended for citizens, leaving aside the role of companies.

Colpatria’s commitment on this occasion is to solve these financial problems or developments.

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“For Scotiabank, through its subsidiary in Colombia, Scotiabank Colpatria, it is a priority to offer financial solutions according to the needs of the different clients and potential clients of the bank in the countries in which we have a presence, as is the case of our Chilean friends. , who for different reasons reside or do business in Colombia,” said Danilo González, senior vice president of Scotiabank Colpatria.

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