Leandro Zdero is the new president of the UCR Chaco

Leandro Zdero is the new president of the UCR Chaco

The appointment will take effect on June 1 and the mandate will last for two years.

This Monday, after midnight, the deadline for the presentation of the lists at the UCR Chaco was met. The radical party will renew its authorities on June 1, with a mandate for 2 years and in that sense, all internal lines agreed to consolidate unity by bringing the current governor Leandro Zdero as the new president of the UCR.

It is important to highlight that a great agreement was signed between the provincial leaders, of all the lines that make up the UCR, for the officialization and renewal of the authorities.

The Provincial Committee, headed by:

Leandro Zdero

1.Susana Maggio

2.Diego Gutiérrez

3.María Mancebo

4.Sergio Almirón

5.Ana María Cabrera

6.Sergio Funes

7.Yésica González

8.Pablo Núñez

9.Verónica Vargas

10.Ian Kaluk

While the Capital Committee will be led by

1.Carla Cantero;

2.Mario Olivero;

3.Teresa Pereyra;

4.Carlos Morzan;

5.Mirian Jara

6.Damián Dunrauf

7.Alicia Ogara

8.Ramón López

9.Elvira Veuthey

10.Pablo Ledesma

11.Carla Hidalgo

They will also renew the Circuit Committees in the 1st and 2nd category Municipalities with the same number of regular members and alternates as the number of municipal councilors, while, in the 3rd category communes, they will elect 5 regulars and 5 alternates.


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