A very special motorcycle arrives to compete against Streetfighter v4

MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition is the sports bike that will stand up to Ducati’s most special one. Price, top speed and more

If you have never felt attracted by an Italian jewel, this will be your first time. The MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition is the premium hypernaked motorcycle that will seek to redefine the concept of power and style on asphalt. Also deal with Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghinia model that gained great notoriety for its characteristics.

Observing it with the naked eye will not make you realize everything, but it will make you realize many things. With a structure prepared for high demands and a very elegant and modern design that even favors the driver’s comfort, this motorcycle has everything to meet and even exceed the expectations of many.

Engine and notable features

The figures of the Ducati Rush Mamba Edition speak for themselves: 208 HP roaring under the hood, a top speed of 300 km/h and a weight of 186 kg empty. But beyond the statistics, it is interesting to explain how it achieves them: thanks to a four-cylinder in-line engine, with radial valves and titanium connecting rods that emanates an aggressive and unique roar from the four-outlet exhaust.

Likewise, the MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition shares DNA with its sister, the Brutale 1000, but is distinguished by unique details that make it even more special. For example, your optimal groups and your back seat. Thus, it provides a very positive and almost unprecedented driving experience. It even reaches its maximum power at over 10000 rpm. More precisely, at 13000.

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Technology and Emotion in Perfect Harmony, another of the keys to the MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition

There are key aspects and details that are not always easily perceived, but that do provide great results in practice. This MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition It is a clear example since its dizzying speeds and impressive accelerations are accompanied by a high level of comfort. This is mainly due to its advanced electronic technology which includes, for example, a prepared chassis and tuned components.

With an arrogant and wild character, this sport motorcycle invites the brave to challenge the limits of asphalt and explore the confines of freedom on two wheels. Despite its high price of 49799 euros, is in line with its exclusivity. Furthermore, those who buy it to enjoy it often will not necessarily do so to save.

In any case, the Italian firm’s model costs around 20,000 euros less than its main rival, the aforementioned Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini (70,000). This contains a very similar engine and configuration and a maximum speed of 299 km/h.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini

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