How to cover yourself in the midst of the surge in the blue dollar and financial markets

How to cover yourself in the midst of the surge in the blue dollar and financial markets
How to cover yourself in the midst of the surge in the blue dollar and financial markets

Parallel exchange rates the blue dollar, the MEP and the CCLstarted a strong bullish rally after four months of exchange rate pax. So The illegal bill jumps to almost $1,300, while the stock ones are around $1,200. In the midst of this exchange volatility, Argentine bonds fall 5% and the country risk grows 80 points. Given this, it is important to ask, What instruments could serve as coverage?

For Francisco MartinHead of Operations Take Investments commented with Ambit that beyond the purchase of the MEP dollar“where one gets physical dollars; the other coverage that the Stock Market offers are the cedars“. “The value of these assets is made up of two variables, the value of the underlying in the American market and the value of the dollar. So if the price of the dollar rises, the value of Cedears in pesos also rises,” the expert revealed.

For its part, for Rafael Di Giorno of Profession in dialogue also with this mediumopined that “for hedge against exchange rate volatility investors often use Low volatility cedars how to be the one Coca Cola and if they are investors They try to protect themselves in dollars, but taking Argentine risk, you can access the BOPREALES“.

To its turn, Juan Martin YanzonHead Trader of Southern Cone Investments also agreed, in conversation with Ambitthat the BOPREALES would function as an exchange hedge against this context of sharp rise in parallel exchange rates and for those Sovereign bonds in dollars “already had risk.”

“To cover oneself from the exchange rate volatility you can go to dollars, to cedarsthere are some like Coca Cola or the same SPY ETF which follows the S&P 500 index. If one seeks only to be covered by the exchange rate, it is best to go to the MEPthat would be the simplest path, but if not, if one wants to stay open in financial instruments, the cedars are a good option,” he revealed Mateo ReschiniOn shore specialist Inviu.

Bullish rally of the blue dollar: how to hedge depends on the investor profile

For Emilse Cordobadirector of Bell Stock Exchangefor a conservative or moderate profilefaced with any discomfort or uncertainty that these exchange rate movements may generate, “a good option” to protect yourself could be the Negotiable Obligationssuch as, for example, Class VII Aluar that pays an annual interest of 7% in dollars, or View with a rate of 8% per year in dollars.

There is also the option of ON Argentine Airlines 2000 that has a coupon of 8.5% per year in dollars, or Arcor with instruments that have a similar rate, or Telecom. “This way The investor is assured a fixed rate in dollars. All of these assets are liquid, so they can be sold at any time. In a scenario of lower world rates, it is a good rate in the future,” Córdoba highlighted.

“For those who can take a little more risk, you can choose cedars. Assets conservatives as Coca Cola or Mac Donalds. Also more aggressive ones like Globant, Nvidia, Tesla for greater volatility if the investor’s profile tolerates it. There could be an opportunity in bonds like BOPREALor the state classics like the Globals, enduring some volatility in the short term,” he added.

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