BYD is working on a rival to the Tesla Model 3 Performance and these first photos prove it

BYD is working on a rival to the Tesla Model 3 Performance and these first photos prove it
BYD is working on a rival to the Tesla Model 3 Performance and these first photos prove it

06/15/2024 09:30

Updated 06/15/2024 11:05

BYD’s strategy is being quite successful. The largest manufacturer of plug-in cars wants to continue demonstrating that it is capable of manufacturing any possible vehicle. From small, cheap and practical electric cars like the BYD Dolphin, to cheeky plug-in hybrid off-roaders capable of floating, like the YangWang U8. Electricity and performance are two concepts that usually go hand in hand. It is easy to increase the power of a battery-powered car and today, more and more drivers are looking to elevate the sensations when getting behind the wheel of their electric vehicles. He BYD Seal 06 GT will respond to this ever-increasing demand.

This is not the first attempt by those from Shenzhen to conquer the high-performance market. It is clear that it is not the most important and voluminous niche when it comes to talking about electric cars, but without a doubt it is an excellent commercial claim. Many brands fight for their cars to become the fastest on the market. Tesla has been giving more prominence to acceleration than power for years. The Porsche Taycan has done the unspeakable to become the fastest production electric car on the Nürburgring and much more. The benefits sell.

The Ocean M was BYD’s first preview. Presented at the Beijing Motor Show.

The BYD Seal 06 GT will arrive in Europe with another name from 2025

As we have already said, it is relatively easy to increase the performance of an electric car, but it is not so easy to get that power transmitted correctly to the asphalt. A couple of months ago Tesla revealed to the world the most radical version of the Model 3, the Performance. The electric sedan signed by Austin reaches 460 horsepower and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds. The maximum autonomy is estimated at 528 kilometers according to the WLTP approval cycle. It will arrive in Spain very soon from a minimum price of 55,990 euros. China is preparing something much bigger.

The company has already given some notice to the world. A month ago, the BYD Ocean M was launched, a prototype that has always knocked on Europe’s door. It was one of the most prominent presences at the last Beijing Motor Show. Like the Model 3, the Ocean M delves into the medium sedan segment thanks to a length of 4.63 meters and a wheelbase of 2.82 meters. Just 9 centimeters less than his biggest rival. The measurements have been adjusted to the house’s new e-Platform 3.0 Evo. The Ocean M will be one of the first to enjoy it. It will be available in various configurations.

The first photo of the interior shows that we are looking at a BYD product.

Thanks to MITT, we know that the Seal 06 GT will have all-wheel drive or single-wheel drive versions. The unit of unitary traction will have a 160 kW, 218 horsepower engine, probably located on the rear axle. The dual engine version is not only based on the addition of a second block, but also modifies the performance of the one already present. The estimated configuration is 110 kW, 150 horsepower, at the front axle and 200 kW, 272 horsepower, at the rear. We do not know if the resulting total power will be the effect of arithmetic addition, although we doubt it. There will be two battery options available with 59.52 and 72.96 kWh capacity with which They will be able to approve 505 or 605 kilometers of autonomy (CLTC cycle). The dual motor version achieves a range of 550 kilometers.

The first images of a test unit discovered in China allow us to recognize the interior appearance. A very BYD-style cabin. Minimalist and well presented with large screens. The schedules stipulate that the first units will be delivered to customers after the summer, between September and October. Arrival in Europe will not take place until early 2025. Regarding rates, Eastern rumors point to a price table between 150,000 and 200,000 yuan, which at the currency exchange comes to be between 19,125 and 25,500 euros. It is obvious that these figures will grow once it is launched in Europe, positioning itself in the environment of the Model 3, although it is impossible to predict anything given the entry into force of the new special tariffs on electric vehicles from China.

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