Daniel Osvaldo greeted his brother Jonathan for his birthday with a tender retro photo

Daniel Osvaldo greeted his brother Jonathan for his birthday with a tender retro photo
Daniel Osvaldo greeted his brother Jonathan for his birthday with a tender retro photo

Daniel Osvaldo together with his son Gianluca and his brother Jonathan, when greeting the latter on his birthday

In the midst of rumors about his sentimental present, Daniel Osvaldo He took time to publicly greet his brother Jonathan on a new anniversary of his birth. Thus, through a series of photographs that take a tour of his life, the musician highlighted several of the passages in which he felt accompanied, around laughter, dunks and soccer.

Happy birthday dear brother I LOVE YOU!“, reads the text that accompanies the image gallery, which begins with both of them enjoying some mates on the beach. In addition, you can see postcards from their childhood, with their unalterable smiles, and others on the Boca field, one of the passions they share, accompanied by Gianluca Daniel’s son.

Daniel Osvaldo and his brother Jonathan in an old family postcard

A few minutes after the images were published, Jonathan himself publicly thanked the gesture, and highlighted: “Thanks brother, me too. Let’s go up,” wrote the birthday boy, accompanied by three red hearts, in the post that less than an hour after its publication had already garnered more than 5,000 likes.

One of the first followers to join the celebration was Pitu Salvatierra, a reference for Ciudad Oculta and a regular panelist on Duro de Domar, who expressed: “True friendship, something that is not abundant. Congratulations”.

Daniel Osvaldo and Jonathan, on a day of mates and the beach

With a follower base on Instagram that exceeds 16 thousand, Jonathan holds the position of Undersecretary of Liaison with Commerce in the Chief of Staffin it Municipality of Lomas de Zamora, as he himself details in the profile of the social network and graphs with different moments of his management. In addition to his work, he stands out for being a fervent follower of Mouth -He recently uploaded a photo with the Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani- and admirer of Lionel Messi.

Regarding Daniel Osvaldo’s sentimental situation, during 2023 he decided to end his courtship with Gianinna Maradona, although they maintained their friendship. And in the last hours the movements of both would point to a possible reconciliation.

The possible return of the couple took more than one person by surprise, especially after the former soccer player’s visit to the Atlantic Coast. According to an exclusive testimony to which accessed Teleshowwhen he was in Mar del Platawent to Rough, a well-known bowling alley in the spa city, and tried to seduce a young woman who was there by all means. This made people think that he would keep her daughter off his radar. Maradonabut new evidence would point in another direction.

The couple’s reconciliation months after their separation

According to the journalist Gustavo Mendezthe former player of Mouth and the clothing designer were seen in the area banfield, specifically along Avenida Alsina and Maipú, where his family lives. In said area, the man got out of the vehicle where he was traveling and entered a premises while Gianinna I was waiting for him in the car. They quickly set off again to avoid the eyes of passers-by, although this was not enough to go unnoticed. In Show Partners They showed the images in which, according to the journalist, she sought to go unnoticed while he, on the contrary, wore his usual cowboy-style hat.

The signs of a possible reconciliation were present in recent days. Through the platform instagramthe former Italian national team player took advantage of his visit to Mar del Plata to stop by the restaurant The Tota. There a series of allusive photographs was taken, such as one where a painting of the family can be seen. Maradonawhere you see Diego and Claudia Villafañe, Dalmaand his ex-girlfriend also poses at a young age.

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