What happened to the lives of the “High School Musical” actors?

What happened to the lives of the “High School Musical” actors?
What happened to the lives of the “High School Musical” actors?

There are many rumors that were heard that there will be a possible continuity from the last High School Musical movie (Disney Channel)

High School Musical is a musical film franchise produced by Disney Channel which became a cultural phenomenon after its premiere in 2006. The series focuses on the students of the fictional East High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and chronicles the experiences and challenges of a group of teenagers as they try to balance their academic lives, social and artistic. With three films that are High School Musical (2006), High School Musical 2 (2007) and High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008), the saga brought its main cast to international stardom and left an indelible mark on a generation of young viewers.

The first film follows Troy Bolton (Zac Efron)the popular captain of the basketball team, and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens)a bright new student, who meet and discover their shared love of singing.

Despite the expectations and pressures of their respective groups of friends and family, Troy and Gabriella audition together for the school musical. They challenge stereotypes and learn important lessons about identity and authenticity. The franchise is distinguished by its catchy songs, energetic choreography and positive messages, cementing its place in the pop culture.

Where are the main actors of today? High School Musical:

The three films of High School Musical They led to Zac Efron towards stardom in hollywood Definitively. After ending his participation in the successful Disney franchise, Efron took on various roles that demonstrated his versatility as an actor. In the film “17 again” (2009), he played a man who is 17 years old again, co-starring with Matthew Perry. In 2010, she starred in the film “Beyond the sky”a drama that allowed him to show off his skills in a more serious tone.

Zac Efron has managed to get a precious star on the Walk of Fame

In 2014, he joined the cast of “My friends’ girlfriends”a romantic comedy with Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. That same year, Efron surprised in the comedy “Good Neighbors”, where he played the leader of a university fraternity, a role that earned him great praise for his comedic ability. The film was so successful that its sequel was released in 2016, Good Neighbors 2”.

Efron also stood out in “Mike and Dave: looking for girlfriends” (2016) and in the film adaptation of “Baywatch” (2017) and shared the screen with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by showing off his physical work.

Expanding on his performance, Efron returned to his musical roots with the musical “The great Showman (2017), together with Hugh Jackman and Zendaya. Additionally, in 2019 he played the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy in the movie Netflix “Ted Bundy: sleeping with the murderer”a role that demonstrated his ability to tackle dark and complex characters.

Efron also ventured into documentary production with the series Killing Zac Efron, an adventure project that, ironically, almost cost him his life due to a serious infection. Currently, Efron continues to be active in the entertainment industry, and in 2023 he released the film “Iron Claw.”

Personally, Zac Efron began a relationship with his co-star from High School MusicalVanessa Hudgens, which lasted approximately four years until their breakup in 2010. From then on, he maintained relations with the model Sam Miro between 2014 and 2016, and also with the Australian model Vanessa Valladares during 2020, although this relationship lasted less than a year.

Vanessa Hudgens continued her film career after High School Musical with a series of roles in various films. She appeared in “High School Rock” (2009), which explored the youth musical universe in a different way. In 2011, she starred “Beastly”a modern adaptation of the story of Beauty and the Beastand Sucker Punch, an action film directed by Zack Snyder. His career diversified further with “Spring Breakers” (2013), a controversial film directed by Harmony Korine which showed her in a more daring role.

Vanessa Hudgens: From “Spring Breakers” to motherhood with Cole Tucker

Hudgens also appeared in films such as “Machete Kills” (2013) from Robert Rodriguezand “Boss by accident” (2018) together with Jennifer Lopez. Additionally, she was part of the cast of “Bad Boys for Life” (2020), the return of the popular action franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

On stage, Hudgens debuted in broadway in 2015 with the musical Gigiand in 2016 he played Rizzo in the acclaimed television production Grease Live!. In 2019, she participated in the live broadcast of Rentbased on the autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson, tick, tick… BOOM!adapted by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Vanessa Hudgens built a public and notable relationship with her co-star from High School MusicalZac Efron, which ended in 2010. In 2011, she began a relationship with the actor Austin Butlerwhich lasted until early 2020. In October 2023, Hudgens surprised her fans by marrying the star of MLB Cole Tucker. The couple is now looking forward to the arrival of their first child.

Ashley Tisdale was not limited to his performances in High School Musical. After the end of the series, she continued her artistic career in pop music. She released her debut album, Headstrongwhich received good comments and was followed by Guilty Pleasure in 2009. In 2019, he published Symptomsan album that explored mental health issues and offered a more intimate insight into her personal life.

Ashley Tisdale explored mental health through her music

In addition to her music career, Tisdale starred in the spin-off film “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” (2011), a production that was released directly on video and expanded the universe of High School Musical. On television, she starred in series such as Hellcats (2010-2011), a cheerleading drama that, although short-lived, earned a loyal fan base. Tisdale also appeared in popular shows such as “H.sons of anarchy and “The Crazy Ones”in addition to showing his comic side in Scary Movie 5″ (2013).

As a voice actress, she was the voice of Candace Flynn in the animated series Phineas and Ferb for more than a decade. She is also remembered for her role as Maddie in Zack and Cody: Twins in action. In production, Tisdale worked as an executive producer on projects such as Miss Advised and comedy Young and hungry, which lasted five seasons.

Regarding her personal life, Ashley Tisdale married Christopher Frenchband leader Annie Automaticin 2014. In September 2020, Tisdale announced her pregnancy and in March 2021, she welcomed her daughter Jupiter Iris French. In March 2024, the actress revealed that she is expecting her second child.

Lucas Grabeel He continued his career in television after High School Musical. He played Toby Kennish in the drama series Changed at Birth”, a role he held for five seasons. Grabeel stood out for his versatility and participation in animated series, lending his voice to characters in “Family Guy”, “Elena of Avalor”, “Sheriff Callie”, “Spirit: Riding Free” and “Pinky Malinky”.

Lucas Gabreel has acting versatility and did dubbing in animations

In 2019, he revived his “HSM” days by appearing as himself in the metaseries Disney+ High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, giving fans nostalgia and a connection to the original cast.

Lucas Grabeel has maintained a discreet but lasting relationship with the actress Emily Morriswith whom he has been a couple for several years.

After High School Musical, Corbin Bleu diversified his career by participating in several television series. He starred in the short-lived drama series The Beautiful Life: TBL and had recurring roles in “One Life to Live”, The Exemplary Wife”, “Blue Blood”, “Castle”, among other. In 2013, she showed off her dancing ability in “Dancing With the Stars”and took second place with her partner Karina Smirnoff.

Corbin Bleu married on July 23, 2016

On stage, he made his Broadway debut in 2010 with In the Heightsand continued with roles in Godspell and Holiday Inn. In 2019, she starred in the revival of Kiss Me, Kate. Before the end of 2021, Bleu and her partner Monique Coleman co-starred TO Lifetime’s Christmas Dance Reunion.

Regarding his personal life, Corbin Bleu married the actress Sasha Clements in 2016.

Monique Coleman has had an active career in both television and film. She starred in the comedy “Here We Go Again” and the movie “We Are Family”.

Monique Coleman reunited with Corbin Bleu in a Christmas film

In 2018, his talk show Gimme Mo went to television in Discovery Life. In December 2021, he reformed as a team with Corbin Bleu in A Christmas Dance Reunionin addition to appearing in the last season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Monique Coleman married Walter Jordan in 2012. However, the couple divorced in 2022.

Bart Johnsonwho played the coach Jack Boltonhad various participations in television and film after High School Musical.

Bart Johnson had several roles on television

He appeared in series like The Client List, NCIS: Los Angeles and Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street. He also participated in the film adaptation of Little Women in 2018. Johnson also owned and operated the Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast nearly Park City, Utah.

Bart Johnson is married to Robyn Lively (Blake Lively’s sister) since 1999, and the couple has three children.

Chris Warren Jr.. has appeared in various series after High School Musical. She was part of the cast of Good luck Charlie and The Hard Times of RJ Berger. In 2019, she starred in the short-lived drama Grand Hotel from ABC.

In 2019, he married British actress and television presenter Layla Kayleigh.

Chris Warren Jr. participated in youth and adult series

Alyson Reedalready an actress with a career before High School Musical, continued working in series such as Desperate Housewives, bones, Modern Family, Silicon Valley and Chance from Hulu.

Alyson Reed was established as an actress who contributed her talent to successful series after her role in “High School Musical.”

After his performance in High School Musical, Olesya Rulin appeared in series like Greek and Powers. She also acted in NCIS: The Angelsyes, SEAL Team and more.

In 2021, Olesya Rulin married businessman Joseph Noel Pauline. In 2022, they welcomed their daughter, Ondine Michelle Pauline.

Oleya Rulin had an extensive career on television after playing Kelsi Nielsen

After High School Musical, KayCee Stroh appeared in series like League, Shapetown, USA and Andy Mack. He also participated in an episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series in 2019 and in The Disney Family Singalong in 2020.

KayCee Stroh participated in the 2019 High School Musical series

In 2009, KayCee Stroh married Ben Higginson and since then they have had two daughters: Zetta Lee and Lettie Louise.

Although their professional and personal paths have varied, they all share the legacy of a film that marked a generation and continues to resonate in pop culture. Eighteen years after the release of the first film, “High School Musical” continues to be a reference for youth and music, remembered with nostalgia and affection by the numerous fans who grew up with its songs and characters.

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