Florinda Meza and her gift to Pope Francis in a famous “conclave of comedians”

Florinda Meza and her gift to Pope Francis in a famous “conclave of comedians”
Florinda Meza and her gift to Pope Francis in a famous “conclave of comedians”

The day arrived and Florinda Meza had a private meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican, along with other international comedians. On social networks, the actress shared several images and a video in which she showed what she gave to the highest figure of Catholicism.

“Instead of reading my speech, I will simply do this,” the pontiff said as he stuck his thumb in his ear and wiggled his fingers.

It turns out that this meeting was because Pope Francis, 87, had an audience called The Comedy Summit, with comedians of the stature of Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon, and on the part of Mexico, Florinda Meza and Chumel Torres. In fact, at the meeting there were figures from Argentina, Spain, Colombia and Germany, among others. In total, the father invited 107 comedians.

But why did this meeting take place?

Pope Francis asked all comedians that in the midst of the social and personal emergencies that are occurring in the world, “you have the power to spread serenity and smile,” the religious figure told them. “They are among the few who have the ability to talk to very different people, from different generations, backgrounds and cultures,” he added.

As protocols dictate, the Mexican attended the hearing dressed in a black dress and a very discreet necklace. When it was her turn to greet him, Doña Florinda took advantage of her to give him some books written by her late husband Roberto Gómez Bolaños, a gesture for which the Pope appreciated.

These moments were recorded and shared by Meza herself on her social networks. But that was not all, she also uploaded a couple of images in which she appears alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon and Chumel Torres.

“Laughter is a gift from God to men,” Florinda Meza accompanied with the photos.

Let us remember that this year, Meza has been very present in the media, since the bioseries of her late husband will soon be released, in which, it is said, they will speak badly of her, and although she will not sue her stepchildren, Florinda is hurt .

“I am not suing anyone. My lawyer, Mr. Pous, has explained very clearly what the process is. I have faithfully tried to understand how the rights are going. I should have been at the negotiating table, Televisa didn’t even know that I should have been there,” the actress explained in ‘First Hand’.

Florinda Meza commented in this interview that she knows absolutely nothing about the Chespirito series, since no one has approached her to tell her story. In fact, she found out that the producers of the bioseries have interviewed the children of the characters who were part of ‘El chavo del 8’, but they have had a zero contact policy with her.

“These are my rights as an author, but I would also like my rights as a person to be respected. I am an individual who deserves and demands respect. They cannot use my story, my life or my name freely,” Florinda Meza said bluntly.

And here comes the interesting thing about this whole problem, why doesn’t Florinda Meza want to sue her stepson? Simple: she doesn’t want to have problems with her late husband’s family.

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