Nuria Fergó and Juan Pablo Lauro share what their reunion was like in the hospital after their severe relapse

Nuria Fergó and Juan Pablo Lauro share what their reunion was like in the hospital after their severe relapse
Nuria Fergó and Juan Pablo Lauro share what their reunion was like in the hospital after their severe relapse

Juan Pablo Lauro (41 years old), boyfriend of Nuria Fergó (45 years old), is admitted to the hospital. The Argentine pilot was admitted urgently a few weeks ago due to a pneumonia. As he himself explained, the pneumococcus bacteria caused this serious illness for which he is still in the hospital today. Since then, Nuria has become his great supporter. However, in recent days, the couple has had to separate due to work reasons. The woman from Malaga had to travel to Madrid to present one of her Projects and they experienced a separation that has finally come to an end.

Juan Pablo Lauro and Nuria Fergó, happy with their reunion

Juan Pablo Lauro and Nuria FergóAfter her trip for this important reason, they met again at the hospital where he continues his recovery. The pilot and the singer They shared this beautiful reunion on Instagram that has comforted them both a lot. Both have shared an image in which you can see the calm face of Irene Villa’s ex-husband by having Nuria by her side, and through the artist’s eyes you can perceive the calm she feels at having been able to return to her fiancé’s side.

The couple has accompanied the image with some words that make it clear how important Nuria Fergó is being for Juan Pablo right now and vice versa. For her part, he has written that “she arrived, and with her comes all good things. Her gaze, that hug that we gave each other and left us breathing, is vitamin for this new life.” Some words to which the one who was a contestant on ‘OT 1’ He responded with “uff, you don’t know how I needed to feel your hug and look you in the eyes without saying anything.”


Now, Juan Pablo Lauro can continue recovering with his girlfriend at his side. Regarding how he is feeling, he himself gave the latest information on his state of health just a few hours ago. Through a video that he shared from the hospital, he updated how he is feeling by commenting that “I am better, they have taken me up to the ward, they have taken away my oxygen, they have removed my drainage… Little by little I am recovering. The intervention lasted three and a half hours, very long, to clean everything well. Everything was very clean of the infection and everything is on the way to a good recovery. It will be slow, but it is important that it be slow but everything is fine.”

The romantic message from Juan Pablo Lauro to Nuria Fergó

In this same video, Juan Pablo Lauro took the opportunity to send a message to his girlfriend Nuria Fergó when she was still in Madrid due to her work projects. After thanking all his friends, colleagues and family for everything they are supporting him, he addressed the singer. “My love, thank you for being the perfect companion. We have coordinated everything as a couple, you have been in charge of everything, you have been at the forefront… You have been in charge of coordinating everything from Madrid. Enormously proud of you. How you were able to carry out such a beautiful week, so special and at the same time so complex. How you were able to separate head from heart and mind and have everything go ahead with the professionalism, humility and how wonderful you are. I love you deeply, woman of my life,” were the words with which he thanked her for everything she is doing for him even from a distance.

Nuria Fergó’s new project for which she has separated from Juan Pablo Lauro

Because this week, Nuria Fergó had to make a complicated trip to Madrid. A journey in which her enthusiasm for her new project was added to having to separate from Juan Pablo. The singer traveled to the capital to pay her tribute to the singer María Dolores Pradera, to which he will pay tribute in a show. A presentation that was marred by her concern for her future husband. Something that in each of the interviews she gave, the artist spoke naturally and assured that she really wanted to return to him. A reunion that has finally taken place and that they face with the best of attitudes.

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