“I feel a little uncomfortable”

Gladiator 2 It is one of the most anticipated films of 2024 and already has a release date: next November 22. After many months of speculation and leaked information, we will finally be able to see in theaters what the new proposal is. Ridley Scott for this story set in the Roman empire.

The sequel will have a different plot to the original feature film. The 2000 film had Russell Crowe In the role of Maximum, a general banished by the emperor Comfortable (Joaquin Phoenix) and became a gladiator. He related the warrior’s journey towards revenge against the one who took everything from him and even murdered his family. However, the second part takes place 25 years later of the death of the protagonist and his tyrannical rival.

We know little about the argument of Gladiator 2. Paul Mescal will play Lucio Vero, nephew of Commodus, and he will be accompanied in the cast by actors such as Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington and Joseph Quinn. Although Russell Crowe has nothing to do with the sequel, he has been encouraged to express his thoughts about this new project.

“Feel a bit uncomfortable with the fact that they make a new one. Of course, my character is dead and I have nothing to say about what they do, but there are things that I’ve heard and thought, ‘That’s not in the moral development of that particular character.’ But I can’t say anything, it’s not my place. I’m two meters under the ground. We’ll see what they do,” the actor explained in an interview with Kyle Meredith.

Crowe admitted his totally alien position what Ridley Scott and the rest of the team behind Gladiator 2: “I reflect on the age I was when I made the film and everything that came after, the doors that opened before me. I am completely sincere in my opinion, There are also shades of melancholy and jealousy.”

Surely Russell Crowe will see the sequel as just another spectator, although with the touch of nostalgia that corresponds to having been the protagonist of Gladiator. Regarding Paul Mescal, in several interviews he has been asked about whether he spoke to Crowe about his character, although the young Irish actor has stressed on more than one occasion that I would only talk to him to learn about his experiences, since Lucius Verus has little to do with Maximus Decimus Meridius.

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