Jessi Uribe’s father taunted Paola Jara

Jessi Uribe’s father taunted Paola Jara
Jessi Uribe’s father taunted Paola Jara

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Although several years have passed since they began their romanceone of the most commented and criticized couples by Internet users is that of the popular music singers Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe.

Despite this, celebrities have made it clear that they care little about what they say and today, despite rumors of an alleged crisis, They continue to happily enjoy their marriage.

Regarding the celebration of Father’s Day, the entertainment program ‘La Red’ had several celebrities and their fathers as special guests, among them Jessi Uribe and his father, Fernando Uribe, better known as ‘Charro Uribe’.

It is no secret to anyone that the father of the ‘Matemos las Ganas’ singer is also a musician, since it would have been from him that he inherited his talent.

In the middle of the interview, the two men talked about the great relationship he has as father and sonalthough Fernando He admitted that on some occasions they argue, especially when you correct your child’s vocal technique.

“Sometimes I take out my anger at my Chinese, but he must understand that it is for his own good,” says the singer’s father.

Faced with his father’s revelation, the Bumangués took the opportunity to say that when he gets upset, His wife Paola Jara often compares him to his father.

“When I get into Pao like that over some stupid thing, he tells me: ‘hmm, but I know who he went out to,’” referring to Fernando, according to Jessi Uribe.

It was then that Jessi’s father responded by sending a mockery to his daughter-in-law, referring to the chicken sweat that cost the singer so much ridicule.

“No, and let Pao mess with me and I’ll tell him about the sweaty chick too,” Fernando Uribe’s comment caused the singer to laugh.

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