Isolated and wearing a mask, Mercedes Ninci said that she has Flu A: “I thought it was dengue or Covid”

Isolated and wearing a mask, Mercedes Ninci said that she has Flu A: “I thought it was dengue or Covid”
Isolated and wearing a mask, Mercedes Ninci said that she has Flu A: “I thought it was dengue or Covid”

In the last hours, the journalist Mercedes Ninci He worried his loved ones and his followers on social networks with a message about his health. “I have been destroyed since Saturday, with Influenza A. This week the doctors won’t let me go to work. How sad! “Wrote the Radio Miter mobile operator along with an image in which she is seen with a serious face and a mask covering her face.”

Due to the repercussions, Teleshow He contacted the 59-year-old journalist to find out more details about her painting. According to her story, Ninci was planning to travel to Córdoba for the weekend and on Friday one of her daughters had a bronchospasm so she decided to stay in Buenos Aires. “On Saturday I started to feel bad, my head hurt and I started to have a high fever and a lot of cough.. I thought I had caught it from my daughter. There I started with 39 degrees on Saturday, 39 on Sunday, 39 on Monday.”

Seeing that the temperature was not dropping, Ninci contacted her prepaid account to make a consultation. “I made a video call with a doctor who prescribed me a cough remedy. The next day, another doctor gave me another remedy that had nothing to do with the cough. I was taking ibuprofen, but it was still 39 degrees″, he recapitulated. As the situation did not improve, she heeded the advice of one of her colleagues on the radio and went to the guard of the Sanatorium of the Trinity with the intention of having an examination, which ended up being a battery of medical studies.

Mercedes Ninci’s story about her health

I had a CT scan, heart tests, blood tests, all the studies that can be done.”said the woman from Córdoba, who never imagined the diagnosis that awaited her. “I didn’t even remember that Influenza A existed, I thought she had dengue or Covid,” she admitted. Once she had the information, she was able to put her own name to the deep discomfort that she has been feeling in recent days. “The back pain was unbearable, and I was on the heating pad all day. But of course, I thought it was back pain and it is lung pain. Then you can’t be without pain, you never find the position,” he said.

In this scenario, Ninci assured that she is vaccinated against the flu. “On the radio they vaccinate us every year. In fact, they also vaccinated us against dengue. But this is very strong, a back pain that you can’t do anything about and a lot of coughing. And when you cough, You feel like your sternum hurts but it’s actually your lungs.”.

From that moment, everything changed in Ninci’s daily dynamics. “I had also forgotten about the mask! Now I walk around the house with the mask on so as not to infect the kids,” she said. Due to medical prescription, the journalist must rest until Saturday, so she is unable to go to work, as she stated on her social networks. And she closed her testimony by revealing that, despite her care, one of her children contracted the virus. “He accompanied me to the guard and to buy the medicines, he ended up getting infected“, lament.

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