Xeno’jiiva in Monster Hunter World: location, weaknesses and rewards

Xeno’jiiva in Monster Hunter World: location, weaknesses and rewards
Xeno’jiiva in Monster Hunter World: location, weaknesses and rewards

We teach you how to easily locate and hunt the Xeno’jiiva in Monster Hunter World and its possible rewards

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In this Monster Hunter World guide we are going to show you where to find Xeno’jiiva and how to easily hunt him, one of the antagonist monsters of the base game, the big final boss. We review its main habitatsthe elements of the monster, its weaknessesthe breakable parts and some additions to the monster such as reward materials or maximum size, to help you get everything and complete its bestiary entry.

Xeno’jiiva Facts

Description: New species discovered in the depths of the Bed of Elders. Neither its relationship to the other elder dragons nor its ecology are clear.

  • Species: Elder Dragon
  • Element: Drake and Fire (can apply dragon plague and fire plague)
  • Weak to: Draco and Fire (in normal state) or Water, Ice and Thunder (in critical state)
  • Habitats: Confluence of Destinies
  • Size: 4509.10cm
  • Relatives: Safi’jiiva (DLC)

Physiology and weak points

Next we move on to the main weak points of the monster and its breakable parts so you can see which areas to attack and punish the most.

Weak points Court Impact Shooting
Head ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Front legs ★★ ★★
Line ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
breakable parts Head, Front legs, Wings
Tail (cuttable)

This is a pretty tough boss, obviously at the level of the final boss, but with patience and a good pace we will do it in the time we have to hunt. His head, wings and front legs can be damaged, his tail can be cut off, but only in the second phase. It is very difficult to find an element that is weak between phases, so something neutral can work just as well, if not Draco and Fire as a base is fine. On the other hand, he is vulnerable to poison, but his sleep is not affected, keep that in mind.

With friends or online players it is very simple, in the same way, we add a video below so you can see the monster in motion.


By defeating the Xeno’jiiva in high rank we can obtain the following rewards:

  • Xeno’jiiva Soulscale
  • Xeno’jiiva Shell
  • Xeno’jiiva Claw
  • Xeno’jiiva Horn
  • Xeno’jiiva Wing
  • Xeno’jiiva’s Veil
  • Xeno’jiiva Tail
  • Xeno’jiiva Gem
  • Elder Dragon Bone
  • Elder Dragon Blood

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