Adrián Suar’s emotional video to celebrate his daughter’s 12th birthday: “Always together”

Adrián Suar’s emotional video to celebrate his daughter’s 12th birthday: “Always together”
Adrián Suar’s emotional video to celebrate his daughter’s 12th birthday: “Always together”

Adrián Suar celebrated his daughter’s birthday with a tender video

Meetings, filming, commitments, the agenda Adrian Suar It is always complete, but beyond fulfilling his responsibilities, the actor looks for a space for his loved ones. So much so that this Saturday a space was made in the middle of his recordings to celebrate his daughter’s day, Daisy flowerwho turned 12 years old.

“Anywhere, always together. I love you daughter. Happy Birthday”wrote ‘Chueco’ Suar on his Instagram account, along with a celebration emoji and a heart, when sharing a video that summarized the celebration with Margarita. It began by showing a father and daughter walking hugging down the street. Then, they both entered a motorhome where the actor surprised her with a cake.

Griselda Siciliani and Adrian Suar with their daughter, Margarita

While singing “Happy birthday, happy birthday, my daughter,” Adrián slowly advanced down the aisle of the vehicle holding a chocotorta. The dessert stood out with the silver 12 and a “Happy Birthday” sign. The artist did not ignore the context and sought to explain to his little girl why they celebrated him in that place: “Look, the life of an artist in a motorhome”.

But the young woman downplayed the place and was grateful to be with her father. She thus put her hands together to ask for her three wishes and blew with all her strength to blow out the candles. “Oh, my love, I love you, daughter,” said the television producer and then gave Margarita a kiss on the cheek.

Adrián Suar, Griselda Siciliani and Margarita at the Konex, where they enjoyed the play “A trip to the country of Nomeagree”

Seconds later, while surrounding his daughter with one arm, and holding the cake with the other, the actor dedicated a few words on this special day: “Well, we are here, daughter, I apologize, dad was just working. It was precisely on Saturday, June 15, that the most beautiful one was born. And where are we? In a motorhome. This is what dad was able to deliver, in a motorhome with a cake, but love is intact, daughter. Then we’ll see each other tonight and tomorrow, which is Father’s Day. But I want you to remember this day. Dad celebrated your birthday in a motorhome. May you fulfill them, I love you.”

Although, at the beginning of Suar’s speech, the little girl stood with her arms crossed in a kind of complaint for celebrating in a motorhome, seconds later the young woman changed her attitude. Upon hearing ‘I love you’ from her father, she hugged him and smiled at the camera. At the end of May, during his time at Casino Resort, the actor had spoken about how he managed to balance his work and his private life.

In that sense, the Argentine showbiz figure revealed if he always had his mind focused on new projects: “Before, but it was always like that for me. It happened to me. I’ve missed a lot of things. I’m not sorry for anything. It is the one that I had, it is the one that I lived, it is the one that I had to learn, but also the guy who is totally, only dedicated to work and the libido put there has a problem, he has a void, he has something that is not difficult for him” .

Finally, the actor recognized the difficulties he had in relating to other spaces that are not just work: “It has been difficult for me to connect with other spaces that are not those and I recognized it over time, I recognized it as a weakness, not like a fortress. And besides, I like it, no one believes it, I really like doing nothing, I like it a lot. If nothing is nothing. Watching, well, going to eat with friends, watching a football game, being like that, like that is incredible.”

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