the 4 signs of the zodiac that have healing powers

the 4 signs of the zodiac that have healing powers
the 4 signs of the zodiac that have healing powers

What are the zodiac signs with powers to heal?


This sign has a connection with the Cosmos that allows it to traverse the spiritual plane, combined with its special bond with nature. That is why it has great power to cure conditions.

It is an earth sign that easily learns alternative healing, using herbs and typical elements of the earth.


It is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love and representative of justice. That is why Libra contains in her hands a unique power that comes from the heart.

A Libran hug can transmit not only peace and tranquility, but vibrations that reach the spirit and hence lies its healing capacity.

That energy that radiates provides a more enjoyable passage through life and that is why they serve as great alternative therapists or spiritual guides.


The crab, which is governed by the Moon, the star of intuition, is so sensitive that it can question anyone in front of it. This humanity that it contains manages to perceive emotions and feel them on the surface, and precisely for this reason it manages to alleviate the pain.

Cancer is the first to detect if someone is not well and to the extent they can, placing their hands on their forehead or through a brief hug can transmit their energy.

They are skilled at healing, above all, ailments associated with love, that is, emotional wounds that prevent them from moving forward and thus help them close cycles.


Last on the list, Capricorn is a born healer who contains clairvoyance skills, that is, they can see through people. This ability enhances his healing gift and, as astrology assured, relieves serious conditions.

Furthermore, you may even have anticipations in your dreams as you can accurately visualize the discomfort of others.

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