The drunk driver who killed two men in the South Access was charged and will go to jail

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The truck driven by the man from Tunuyan who ran over and killed, while intoxicated, in the South Access on Friday night.

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He could be sentenced to spend up to 50 years in prison

The author of the tragedy risks up to 50 years in prison at the conclusion of the judicial process that is being led by prosecutor Fernando Giunta, of the Traffic Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Fernando Giunta, prosecutor of the Transit Unit.

Traffic police officer Leonardo Alarcón, 35, and Godoy Cruz preventer Santiago Velázquez, 23, were run over. while ordering vehicular traffic after a pileup between 8 vehicles.

The tragedy motivated them to set out two days of provincial mourning and the demands for Zero Tolerance behind the wheel and for more rigor when judicially qualifying this type of episode.

This Saturday, when the news was the most read and the most shocking in Mendoza, the prosecution began to listen to the first witnesses. These are 8 people who saw the drama live and direct.

At once, Criminal lawyer Pablo Cazabán appeared as Martínez Rodríguez’s lawyer to defend him during the criminal process.

During the afternoon the reception of testimonies continued and it was decided that Martínez Rodríguez be housed in a prison facility while the judicial investigation progresses.

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