Who were the victims of the drunk driver who hit and killed in the South Access

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The death of Santiago Velázquez and Leonardo Alarcón occurred due to the serious injuries caused to them by the driver of an Eco in the South Access.

The motorist who caused the terrible accident, Hugo Martínez Rodríguez, 44 years old, was charged this Saturday with simple homicide with possible intent and will be transferred to the Provincial Penitentiary. At the time of the incident he had simple homicide with possible intent and will be transferred to the Provincial Penitentiary.

The subject was aboard a red Ford Eco Sport at high speed, despite being under the influence of alcohol.

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Leonardo Alarcón was a native of the Uco Valley and father of two children

With service provision in the Road Police. In addition, Alarcón was a fourth-year student at the Uco Valley Delegation of the University Institute of Public Security (IUSP). He was also the father of two children, a girl and a boy. He lived with his family in the town of Tunuyán.

His colleagues left a heartfelt message of recognition of his memory and his contribution to the Police.

“One of the best people I met. A GREAT DAD, good friend, son, brother, husband… Excellent colleague, responsible, predisposed, respectful; always accompanying from his place, trying to guide his subordinates at all times, empathetic, supportive. A great Leader, with a human quality like very few… who leaves an indelible memory in the hearts and memories of those of us who had the joy of sharing a destiny with Him… the Inspector who received me on the beach with such willingness, and that I was lucky enough to share eternal guards and to be able to see him become Principal in this Road that says goodbye to him today… Today our soul hurts, in the deepest part and it will always hurt us, in that place that he knew how to win in the lives of all of us who were able to share a little of his time in this world.Of. Principal Alarcon, LEITO, as those of us who had him called him.We love that affection that only he knew how to earn, we say goodbye to you with great sadness, with that pain that causes the helplessness of what could be avoided, but those who should have cared, didn’t care. There is no consolation, we can only thank him for having passed through our lives and for having left us all something very valuable.”

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Leonardo Alarcón was a Highway Police Officer and father of two small children.

Leonardo Alarcón was a Highway Police Officer and father of two small children.

The Police Circle also made a post to offer condolences to the family and highlight their police work.

Santiago Velázquez, the preventer of Godoy Cruz

The other victim who lost his life as a result of injuries in the road accident was a preventer and worked in the Municipality of Godoy Cruz.

From the commune they regretted the event and promised to redouble their efforts to avoid this type of tragedies, caused by drivers who exceed the permitted limit of alcohol consumption.


On his Facebook, he presented himself as a Boca Juniors lover, he was single and his Tránsito teammates also made a heartfelt publication on the networks.

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Santiago Velázquez, preventor of Godoy Cruz.

Santiago Velázquez, preventor of Godoy Cruz.


“With pain and anger we regret the death of Santiago Velazquez, Transit staff of the Municipality of Godoy Cruz. He lost his life serving our community. The pain is double because Mendoza police officer Leonardo Alarcón Quiroga died in the same traffic incident. We extend our condolences to his family and closest colleagues.It is a cruel paradox that those who work controlling and taking care of traffic die from being run over.. These tragic events are a painful example of the recklessness and danger of alcohol while driving. We will continue to take firm measures to prevent these tragedies. We will strengthen controls and continue working tirelessly to raise awareness in the community about the dangers of alcohol consumption and the importance of responsible driving.We want Godoy Cruz to be a city where everyone can travel safely and peacefully.“, the community posted on Facebook.

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