Swaggerboyz in Niceto, the punk side of trap | A night that made the walls vibrate

Swaggerboyz in Niceto, the punk side of trap | A night that made the walls vibrate
Swaggerboyz in Niceto, the punk side of trap | A night that made the walls vibrate

In By cesarean section, Dillom crosses the aesthetic language of Argentine rock with a rumination cultivated since the most radical wing of trap. Now that the artist is busy dazzling the world of Spanish-speaking music with the proposed x-ray of local social news provided by his brand new album, urban music seemed to have been left in its ascending categories without another David to strongly attack the gentrification of the Goliaths of that scene. Or at least that was believed until last Friday night. Once AgusFortnite2008 and Stiffy They came down from the Niceto Club stage, shouting “fen-ta-ni-lo”, the minority of the adult audience that was there could not believe what they had just seen. It is not known if for better or worse. All this while that pubescent majority, out of their minds, joined the apology for the opiate drug waving his arms.

If it was believed that the members of the group RipGang They embodied the only lucid and sharp arm of that scene, six degrees of separation from the transgression, the tandem from the western area of ​​the suburbs planted another way of understanding a similar situation and confronting the same enemy. The mixture of music, attitude, fashionism and chaos that they represent, synthesized without losing composure and measuring balance, turns them into a political consequence of this time. And the worst hasn’t come yet. They can be as delusional as Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso, because of its dynamic duo format. Although they changed the cosmos for the underworld. What they also evoke is to the first Kuryaki, when Dante and Emmanuel were testing a language: “Show your empire of sodium salamis and don’t try to say I hate you. Oduro wetnisale leujalet”, as they talked about in “Amor malvón”.

Both are located several meters away from The Doctor’s energetic attitude, that advocates the obviousness of violence (with all its clichés). Deep down, however, the essence of anger, that adrenaline of shock in real time, ends up uniting them. Even more than the rapper, who was among the guests of the showthey won’t let him enter the Palermo room (due to the recent episode with a flare in which he was involved, during a recital of his there). The songs of the Swaggerboyz, a project in which AgusFortnite2008 and Stiffy are usually found, allude to the lifestyle of the culture they claim. Or rather to rap subgenre to whom they give life here: swag. For many it is the most punk side of rap, So it is no coincidence that the most punk of Argentine rappers and trappers was present in the audience to see what it was all about.

Dillom, together with a sea of ​​boys and girls between 14 and 18 years old, He attended the presentation of the duo’s new joint album. Its titled The music died, It appeared last March 15 and has on its cover Beethoven committing suicide with a revolverlver. The image they manipulated (with those bulging eyes) was taken from the Wikipedia profile of the German composer, pianist and conductor. If the last representative of Viennese classicism knew what music is like today, surely, alluding to that photoshopping, he would have shot himself. And the Swaggerboyz have the gift of seeing a little further, even though their role as underground figures still comforts them. One, moreover, that did not exist. Or has anyone ever heard of the urban music underground? Everyone was born to be popular. Or so they are convinced. But for now, this pair is reluctant to go down that path.

That’s exactly why he earned the admiration of half of the totems on the scene. While Duki came out to bench Milo J, Neo Pistea put his chips in them. The native of the western area was also one of the guests on the new album by AgusFortnite2008 and Stiffy. Although this time he was not part of the game, they did not leave aside the issue in which he collaborated, “Mejoralito.” Although they were Joshu Joshu and Matiasecnhufe to make “Fernet” And later others that were not in the script fell. After the inexhaustible DJ Gaspiedieyoung He came out on stage to harangue his companions, two minutes later the duo burst in. They opened with his manifesto “Two jeans”, which is about belonging: “You can’t listen to this song if you don’t have two jeans,” the lyrics say. And it is that The garment is a swagger symbol. Especially if it is worn under underwear.

After the screens appeared the slogan “Anti-turnip music”, with his respective logo, the DJ fired the trap songs of “Bigbang”, tuned in its progression by a kind of bandoneon soaked in psychedelia. In the purest style of Aphex Twin, icon of the avant-garde in music and also of deformity. Then Stiffy asked: “What’s up with the kids?”, and then proposed in the midst of that saturation of the public a circle that closed drastically, as soon as “Elevator Music” sounded. That hiphopean taciturnity was sustained in “24/7”, which inaugurates the repertoire of The music died. After trying baroque trap, 8-bit music, hyperpop and other styles of microscopic ancestry, the tandem immersed itself fully in rap to show the figures of the genre, at least in this part of the world, that they are obsolete. But it was not the only act of sedition.

The hour and a half of performance was divided into five parts. From which stood out, after reviewing a good part of the new album, the shortlist of songs from his album Bobajiztan. With a toy AK-47 in hand, a boy dressed as a Hamas fighter kicked off this flirtation with Promethean fantasy. This is how “Gordo Omar”, “Guerra” and “Gas” were shredded. At the same time a thousand heads bounced from the floor, as if they were figurines of South Park (by the way, source of inspiration for the duo), The low frequencies of the songs made the windows and mirrors of Niceto Club vibrate to the extreme. To the point that it seemed that at any moment they were going to burst. Squeezed rhythms, dystopian tribalism and volts of intensity were carving this congregation, while boys and girls were left behind on the floor. Almost melted.

“Metele flow”, “The new Argentine sound”, and “Música 2.0” were some of the other slogans that circulated from the trays and visuals. The names and ages of AgusFortnite2008 and Stiffy are not exactly known. What is a reality is that in a matter of two years (their first recital was given in July 2022) They built a universe so particular that it established ties with the American urban underworld. They emerged from nowhere to end everything, with a proposal as if taken from “A Descent into the Maelström”, a fabulous story by Edgar Allan Poe. While everything “turned and turned vertiginously, with a tumultuous oscillating movement, producing a noise between roaring and clattering,” a line of devotees, standing in front of the merchandising stand almost looted, He asked for t-shirts that had three words printed on them that condense adrenaline: “I Love Swag.”

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