School bus accident in Cesar left 17 children injured

School bus accident in Cesar left 17 children injured
School bus accident in Cesar left 17 children injured

The accident occurred when the bus was transporting the minors between the El Vallito township, to the Octavio Mendoza Durán Educational Institution, located in the Cuatro Vientos township, for their school day.

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An accident involving a school bus that occurred this Monday, May 6, between the towns of El Vallito and Cuatro Vientos, Cesar, left 17 students from the Octavio Mendoza Durán Educational Institution and the driver injured. Apparently, the bus had a mechanical failure in the steering, which would have caused it to overturn.

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According to the Secretary of Government of El Paso, Luis Alberto Pumarejo, the bus was traveling on an unpaved road when it caught a hole, which caused a failure in the vehicle’s steering and caused the accident. The secretary indicated that paving work is already being carried out on that road as part of the Departmental Roads Plan.

“The driver managed to maneuver what he could and a tragedy was avoided. The children were immediately transferred to the Hernando Quintero Blanco Hospital, where upon being evaluated, 12 of them, along with the driver, presented minor injuries,” said Pumarejo.

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The minors have already been discharged, but five other children, according to the secretary, were transferred to the Sinaís Vitais clinic in Bosconia, because they required a more complete evaluation, which would allow other types of injuries to be ruled out.

Regarding the state of the school buses, the municipal government secretary said that these vehicles are in good condition and have the permits required to operate.

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