Mendoza will begin to fine abandoned homes and businesses

Mendoza will begin to fine abandoned homes and businesses
Mendoza will begin to fine abandoned homes and businesses

The objective of this surcharge It is fundamentally social characterin the public interest of discourage the existence of idle or unoccupied properties that generate favorable environments for perpetration of criminal acts, illegal occupations and insecurity in your enviroment. In turn, their potential risk of being susceptible to intrusion or vandalism negatively affects the quality of life of neighbors.

In accordance with the provisions of the regulations, the spaces that they meet under these considerations will be subject to pay of one additional fee by inspection and control of safety and hygiene, in addition to the corresponding municipal taxes. The application of this surcharge will be made after reliable notification to its owner, granting him a period to present defenses if he considers it necessary.

A census will be carried out in each area, according to the ordinance

To determine which properties are in said state, a census will be carried out in each areaby municipal staff, along with the verification of neighbor complaints and other forms of inspection.

“We will open instances of citizen participation to identify such sites”Suarez highlighted through his social networks. “ We want residents to be able to report the situation of these properties through different means., unoccupied homes or commercial premises that are potential sources of insecurity. A safer city is possible if we get involved and care for each other,” he added.

Likewise, they establish some exceptions to the application of this surcharge. These are properties in the process of renovation or improvements, those offered for rent or sale for a limited period, as well as situations of vacancy justified by causes of force majeure, which will be evaluated case by case by the competent authority.

The Raised funds through this regulation they will be allocated to increase resources allocated to security and other relevant areasthus contributing to improving the quality of life of residents and the urban environment in general.

With this measure, the Municipality of the City of Mendoza seeks to encourage the occupation and proper use of urban propertiespromoting balanced and sustainable urban development for the benefit of the entire community.


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