In Santa Marta he taught English and fell for drug trafficking

In the last few hours, the city’s Metropolitan Police captured Kerman Todd of Canadian origin, who taught English, but was also wanted by the authorities of his country for being a known drug trafficker as he had a red notice from Interpol.

According to information from national authorities, they mentioned that the Canadian had a quiet life in Santa Marta, where he taught English to different people through a platform. However, Kerman Todd or alias ‘Robinson’, 65, took advantage of his connections to carry out criminal activities.

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Likewise, they confirmed that this character began his criminal life when he was 38 years old, where he was always related to drug trafficking, to the point that since 1998 he was sentenced to 15 years for this activity in his native country, therefore which after 2005, it is indicated that the individual traveled to Colombia and taught English classes while managing a drug trafficking network in different areas.

Photo taken from Infobae/Kerman Todd

Through a statement, Politics reported that the capture of the individual occurred thanks to the operation in conjunction with the Canadian authorities, in order to sentence the person involved to their respective sentence, in a sign of strengthening the relations of both countries.

Fragment of the Police statement

“An interdiction operation was carried out that allowed the capture of Mr. Kerman Todd, alias Robinson, 65 years old and of Canadian nationality, on a public road in a recognized sector of the city of Santa Marta. There he is notified of the Interpol Red Notice order, requested by Canadian authorities and left at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office”.

During the statement from the authorities they mention that during recent years, more than 23 thousand people related to drug trafficking have been captured, where 68 of these are extraditable people. Fact that reflects the work being done in order to eradicate this problem.

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