Due to a new scam, a graduate jacket company was closed

Due to a new scam, a graduate jacket company was closed
Due to a new scam, a graduate jacket company was closed

This is the Lourdes clothing company, which is mainly dedicated to making jackets for graduates, and had already been reported several times last year. Now, he once again committed an alleged scam against students at the Elvira de la Riestra de Láinez school, for which the premises located in the Marcó de Rawson neighborhood were closed.

In dialogue with HUARPE DIARY, the director of Consumer Defense, Fabiana Carrizo, confirmed that last Tuesday they arrived at the branch of this company to notify its owner of the closure. “The owner is a repeat offender. Now they played with the hopes of dozens of Ullum boys who were supposed to receive their jackets in February and they never got answers,” she stated.

Fabiana Carrizo. (Photo: DIARIO HUARPE).

As the official explained, this man replicates his modus operandi by scamming mainly students from schools located in remote departments such as Jáchal, Zonda and 25 de Mayo, among others. In addition, she stated that they received several complaints against this businessman, which is why they requested the intervention of the UFI for Special Crimes.

On the other hand, Carrizo stated that the Directorate carries out a program through which they go to educational establishments in order to explain to young people their rights as consumers, and advise them so that they do not become victims of scams. Likewise, he specified that it is necessary for all victims to come to the office located in the Civic Center to report this type of incident.

The explanation that turned out to be a pretext

On November 8, this newspaper published a note with the defense made by the owner of Lourdes Indumentaria, Luis Blanes. At the time, the businessman assured that both his health and that of his family had been deteriorating as a result of the diabetes disease, so they could not fulfill all the orders.

Furthermore, when specifically consulted about the complaints made at the time by several courses from at least three schools, Blanes expressed: “We told the mothers to go sign an act to avoid this problem of escrache. No mother wanted to go sign anything. We also asked them to please sign to deliver the clothes or return the money and they did not want to go. And what’s more, they didn’t want to go because they said that the expense they had to go through was too much to get to that place.”

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