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EFE workers charged with train crash in San Bernardo were placed under house arrest

This morning the formalization of two men was carried out for their alleged responsibility in the accident of two trains in the commune of San Bernardo, in the Metropolitan region, last Thursday morning, reported radio Biobio.

The Western Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the investigation, requested national roots, nighttime house arrest, prohibition from attending the Centralized Command Room and communication between both defendants.

The court accepted the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, also establishing an investigation period of 150 days to clarify the responsibilities surrounding this fatal train crash.


The incident left two fatal victims: the driver of the Fepasa locomotive D-3305, José Bonnin, and the train boss, Daniel Vega.

The investigation led by the Western Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office advanced yesterday with several key proceedings in the case, which were even part of the arguments used to request the extension of the detention of the accused with the initials RLS and JMM, both EFE workers.

These are the machinist and controller, respectively.

As detailed by the captain of the Carabineros SIAT, Victoria Ramírez, the black box of the train of the State Railway Company, EFE, was recovered, in addition to the security cameras of the Pacific Railway cargo locomotive.

The prosecutor of the Western Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, Pamela Torres, explained that the extension of the detention of the accused was due to the lack of some background information, such as those established in the last few hours.

The operator’s defense lawyer, Ximena Silva, from the Public Criminal Defender’s Office, explained her opposition to the accusations made by the prosecutor’s office against her client, as well as to the extension of his detention.

In addition to the aforementioned investigations, the investigative team is expected to seize the telephone equipment of those EFE officials who were in the cabin of the SFE-407 train during the trip, in order to know the messages and communications that were made both before and after the collision.

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