Córdoba prepares for the arrival of Javier Milei on May 25

Córdoba prepares for the arrival of Javier Milei on May 25
Córdoba prepares for the arrival of Javier Milei on May 25

The president will travel to the capital of Córdoba to celebrate the 214th anniversary of the May Revolution (Source: X)

Two days after the president Javier Milei land on Cordova to participate in an event commemorating the 214 years of the May revolution, municipal authorities began preparations for the event. The celebration will begin this Friday with cultural shows and the Changing of the Guard, while the president will give a speech on Saturday afternoon.

Since the beginning of August of last year, the Municipality of Córdoba launched the Respira Córdoba Project, a series of works in the Historic Town Hall of Córdoba and the rest of the historic center, with the aim of restoring the buildings and structures that are part of the city’s heritage and have more than 413 years of history. .

“The mayor Daniel Passerini “He put all the teams to revalue and recover everything that is the historic center of our city so that this May 25th can be celebrated in peace and in real conditions,” mentioned the Secretary of Environmental Management and Sustainability of the Municipality of Córdoba, Jorge Folloniannouncing that the day of celebration will begin on Friday at 5:30 p.m.

During a dialogue with ElDoce.tv, the public official indicated that the event will begin with cultural shows, which will be interrupted at 7 p.m. to carry out the traditional Changing of the Guard of the Cabildo. “The city is preparing for this historic meeting on May 25,” he said, anticipating that the tasks will continue after Saturday, because the works were not completed.

The Municipality of Córdoba began preparations to receive the president (Courtesy: ElDoce.tv)

According to the project drawn up by the municipality, more than 40 interventions will be carried out in the 27 de Abril Superblock and the public space in the area. So far, the secretary detailed: “We are recovering the façade of the Historic Town Hall, our Cathedral Church, and the Plaza San Martín,” while mentioning that the lighting in the area was reinforced and the painting was renewed. of the area, especially in the walls that were vandalized.

In parallel with the restoration works, construction began on the stages that will be used for official events this weekend. Although in recent days the presidential trip had been questioned due to the cancellation of the signing of the May Pact with the governors, it was confirmed that the President will give a speech at 2 p.m. in Plaza San Martín.

Through a statement published by the Office of the President, it was announced that the head of state will be in the City of Córdoba for another anniversary of the formation of the first national government after the dismissal of the viceroy appointed by Spain. “President Javier Milei and the Argentine people will meet once again to celebrate freedom,” they highlighted.

The official statement that confirmed the event in Córdoba on May 25

At the same time, the presence of the governors who had agreed to sign the agreement that Milei had presented during the inauguration of the ordinary sessions in the National Congress was ruled out. “It doesn’t make much sense to invite them, if the May Pact is not going to be signed,” the Government justified.

Prior to this, the president explained last Monday that the May Pact was postponed “because the Base Law will not be in place.” In this sense, he argued that “there is no time for it to come out now. It can be done on June 20, or July 9”, and then point out that “fifteen more days, less, one more month, will not move the ammeter. “They are reforms that have to do with the long term.”

Despite this, the Presidency of the Nation highlighted the importance of the May Pact as a basis for founding a new Argentina, since it is not in the plans to rule out the signing of the ten fiscal points. “It will be signed with the governors, the head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, former presidents, presidents of the political parties, social leaders and representatives of the business sector, when the Base Law and the Tax Reform have been approved,” they concluded.

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