ATSA personnel carry out a force measure due to the lack of increases

Personnel belonging to the Associationof Argentine Health Workers (ATSA) began an hourly strike in some clinics San Juan, in response to the critical situation they face and the lack of answer by the authorities. The implemented fight plan involves the interruption of the activity during several hours, starting this Thursday with three hours of stoppage.

Adrian VerniATSA’s legal advisor, explained in a conversation with Zonda TV that this strike is part of a process of fight plan proposed at the national level by the federation. The lack of salary increases Since March, the situation has worsened, especially since several institutions in the province They have not yet paid the increase corresponding to that period.

“Tomorrow we will continue with yesterday’s methodology, one more hour is added, so it will be 4 hours,” said Verni. The union hopes that the health chambers at the national level meet to discuss salary increases for workers in the sector.

The situation, according to Verni, was worsened by the layoffs that occurred in the El Castaño Clinic. Furthermore, tomorrow they will meet to resolve the differences in outstanding salary debts.

“We have our own fighting plan and we are implementing it, and we hope that the Ministry of Labor of the Nation convene the national chambers of health to improve this situation,” concluded Verni.


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