The passionate chants during Milei’s speech in Córdoba

“Bases Law”, “the caste is afraid” and support for Minister Caputo. The main messages in the middle of the event in front of the Cabildo.

The main songs at the Milei event. Photo: Matías Carrizo /

In a speech that lasted almost half an hour, the public made themselves heard with shouts and passionate chants to support the president Javier Milei on his way through Córdoba. There was support for the Government but also messages directed against the opposition.

Since the head of state appeared on the balcony of the Cabildo The followers began to encourage him, an attitude that was repeated in several passages of the speech he gave on a stage set up in Plaza San Martín.

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Base Law“, “freedom” and “Milei dear, the people are with you”, were some of the main chants that sounded among the spectators. They not only cheered the president but also the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo to whom they dedicated a “olé olé Toto, Toto”.

The president in turn showed a wink towards the province when one of the followers shouted “Córdoba loves you“, to which Milei replied affectionately: “Me too”.

cordoba loves you

Milei’s nod to Córdoba.

After highlighting the value of Base Law that is still being debated in Congress, the request arose among the people to “plebiscite”, a form of popular consultation that Milei suggested using at some point given the possibility that his initiatives in parliament will not prosper.

On the other hand, there were several chants against Kirchnerism to whom they sang with a “they don’t come back again” and they added “the caste is afraid”. At the same time, the cry of “the corrupt imprisoned“, in a message with a tone of complaint to Justice.


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