Chilean supermarkets donated 2,287 tons of food for human consumption in 2023

Chilean supermarkets donated 2,287 tons of food for human consumption in 2023
Chilean supermarkets donated 2,287 tons of food for human consumption in 2023

The supermarket industry in Chile has been committed to the challenge of food donation for several years, joining the efforts of large and small actors to contribute in this direction, with permanent policies that have been perfected over the years and providing solutions to create greater social awareness. .

To make visible the initiatives that different companies implement, Supermercados de Chile AG (ASACH) prepared the report “Management of Supermarkets in Chile to reduce food waste, Report 2022-2023”.

This document brings together positive impacts of various actions carried out by small regional supermarkets and large chains with a national presence.

Among the findings of its first report, it stands out that During 2023, 2,287 tons of food for human consumption were donated, with 436,880 beneficiaries, linked to institutions that form a close support network. This represents a growth of 7% compared to 2022, when 2,145 tons were delivered.

As another of its lines of action, Chilean supermarkets participate in the donation of food for animal consumption, supporting organizations that play an important role in the care and protection of exotic and native fauna, including the rescue of wild species of high ecological value. In 2023, supermarkets in Chile delivered 3,135 tons of meat products, fruits and vegetables, an amount that represents a slight increase compared to the result of the previous year, with 3,100 tons.

In the same way, 345 tons of food waste were transformed and converted into new products, reusing its nutritional properties thanks to projects that are part of a field of technological innovation of growing development at a national and international level. This figure represents an increase of 131% compared to 2022, when 149 tons of food were revalued.

María José Zaldívar, president of Supermercados de Chile A, G. (ASACH), explained that the industry’s approach to the problem of food loss is comprehensive, since it covers different areas: donation for human consumption, for animal consumption, waste transformation and also good practices in logistics to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. the processes.

“There is very important territorial work, with all the value that represents an industry present throughout Chile, where both large national chains and regional supermarkets have taken on this task, with different focuses, but all very committed to the destination of food,” explained the president of ASACH.

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