Custodian of a cooperative murdered in Santiago de Cuba

Custodian of a cooperative murdered in Santiago de Cuba
Custodian of a cooperative murdered in Santiago de Cuba

A custodian of almost 60 years was brutally murdered in the San Luis municipality, Santiago de Cuba, allegedly by thieves who were trying steal a mule.

According to reports obtained by the independent journalist Yosmani Mayeta Labrada on Facebook, the incident occurred in the “Nuevo Mundo” cooperative, in the town of Dos Caminos in the aforementioned municipality.

The victim was gagged and stabbed in the head and neck, but died of asphyxiation after a rock was placed in his mouth.

The custodian had previously mentioned having confronted thieves who were trying to steal a mule with stones.

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The source stated that there are several people arrested and that “apparently one of the murderers lived near the cooperative, but when the dog marked the scent mark at his house he fled.”

This tragic incident is part of the worrying increase in violence and robberies in Cuba. Insecurity is reaching alarming levels, affecting both ordinary citizens and workers in charge of protecting properties.

Several similar events were reported over the weekend, including the death of a jeweler in the street from Old Havana.

In February another was murdered custodian of a store in Fallaa town in the Avilanian municipality of Chambas, by one or more people who intended to rob the premises.

Last year he was also murdered store guard in Santa Clarawhose life was taken in cold blood with a knife at dawn to steal some old TVs and PCs, according to reports on social networks.

That same year, a 24-year-old young man was murdered with his own weapon. He worked as a custodian at the Camagüey International Airport. Versions not confirmed by the authorities indicated that the alleged culprits of the murder were a group of fugitives from Cuban prisons who had tried to leave the country in a small plane.

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