Government will invest $40 billion to strengthen fishing sectors in the Pacific and Nariño

Government will invest $40 billion to strengthen fishing sectors in the Pacific and Nariño
Government will invest $40 billion to strengthen fishing sectors in the Pacific and Nariño

The National Government has announced an ambitious investment of $40 billion aimed at strengthening the fishing, piangua and aquaculture sectors in the Pacific region and the Nariño border.

Millionaire investment for the comprehensive development of communities in the Pacific and Nariño. / Photo: Diego Fernando PX.

This investment will focus on the municipalities of El Charco, La Tola, Santa Bárbara de Iscuandé, Olaya Herrera, Mosquera and Francisco Pizarro, directly benefiting their inhabitants.

The project, which is part of the Action Plan for Regional Transformation -PATR and the Development Programs with a Territorial Approach -PDET, will be developed in close collaboration with leaders of community associations and councils.

During a co-creation workshop, these leaders identified the needs, strengths and weaknesses of each sector, ensuring that the project reflects the visions and requirements of the local communities.

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Jose Kénedy Caicedo, member of the Association of Community Councils and Ethnic-Territorial Organizations of Nariño ASOCOETNAR, expressed his satisfaction with the initiative: “Now with this new government we feel proud that they take us into account and that it comes from the vision and worldview of our people.”

The $40 billion investment will be distributed among several entities and partners, ensuring effective and sustainable implementation. The Territory Renewal Agency -ART will contribute $14 billion, the Rural Development Agency ADR will contribute $20 billion, and the Government of Nariño will allocate $6 billion.

In addition, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations -FAO, as implementing partner, will participate in the structuring of the project under the ART-FAO 866 agreement.

Participation of female leaders and gender focus

The project incorporates a gender and differential approach, recognizing the crucial role of women in these communities. Leaders such as Darly Mosquera, from the Renacer de la Piangua Foundation in Mosquera, have been active participants in the design of the project.

Mosquera highlighted the importance of this initiative: “With this project we want the dignity and way of life of Pianguera women to improve.”

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The implementation of this project promises not only to improve the economic conditions of the communities involved, but also to strengthen their social and cultural fabric.

By supporting key sectors such as fishing and aquaculture, and by doing so with a participatory and gender approach, the aim is to create a sustainable and equitable development model that can serve as an example for other regions of the country.

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