“It’s about perseverance and organization to know what to study at all times”

At the IES Duques de Nájera they were graduating, but the protagonist of the day was not in the group and family photos, among suits and dresses. Irene Virón, from the Baccalaureate of Social Sciences, had certified that she was the best student in La Rioja, the highest EBAU score with 9.95. “I must have had some silly mistake in English,” he acknowledged, and that exam – and the 9.875 in the mandatory phase – is what has distanced him from the perfection with which he had arrived at the test: a 10 in Baccalaureate.

Irene has not found out about her grade like any other student in the region; She called him from the university to tell him that his was the best record in her course. “I was stunned, I knew it had turned out well but I didn’t believe it,” confessed the Duques de Nájera student, who has not stopped receiving congratulations from everyone close to her since then. “My phone is going to explode,” she commented with a smile.

She has always been a student with high grades, she explained, but in high school a clearer goal opened up, an objective within her reach. “I have always liked to do everything as well as possible and work for it,” she noted, although to that personal challenge was added the goal of a total grade of 13 to access the studies she wanted. Finally, she got a 13.95, five hundredths away from the maximum possible.

And Irene already had in her mind to take the double degree in Business Administration and Mathematics at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. And although he thanks all his teachers for their help, he speaks especially of the two who encouraged him in his passion for mathematics: «In the fourth year of ESO, Yolanda Izquierdo, and in these years of Baccalaureate, Leyre Laliena, who has taught us the subject in a very beautiful way. Her interest in business and finance came together to mark her university destiny.

His secrets to achieving such a high grade seem simple, although you have to apply a lot of effort to follow them: «It is about daily work, perseverance, attention in class, interest in asking all the questions you have and organizing your time. to know what to study at all times and to be able to achieve everything.

A huge job that now gives him a well-deserved summer break. He already has three destinations organized with his friends: Salou, Granada and Santoña. Already in September, in Valencia, he will once again show that he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to.


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