Panamanian radio station KW Continente congratulates Prensa Latina

Panamanian radio station KW Continente congratulates Prensa Latina
Panamanian radio station KW Continente congratulates Prensa Latina

In their program “The Voice of Suntracs (construction union) and social movements,” communicators Rolando Ortiz and Irving Pinzón highlighted the example of creative resistance of the news agency and its commitment to the truth.

In dialogue with the current chief correspondent of Prensa Latina in the isthmus, Mario Hubert Garrido, they praised that despite the difficulties that the medium faces as a result of a brutal blockade by the United States and the mainstream press, the Latin American agency remains attached to its founding principles.

In that sense, they quoted its first director, the Argentine Jorge Ricardo Masetti, when he stated that “We are objective, but not impartial. We consider it cowardly to be impartial between good and evil.”

On the other hand, they commented that Prensa Latina is an example of journalistic ethics, because it respects the right of the people to receive truthful information, as has happened throughout the history of Panama, in a world where hegemonic power takes over most of the mass media and technologies, sowing lies and hatred.

Almost 65 years after its founding, Prensa Latina has correspondents in nearly 40 countries and extensive information production in different formats and languages.

Despite the adversities, it maintains the daily preparation and transmission of nearly 400 dispatches, produces around twenty radio spots, works for television and social networks, as well as printed publications.

In addition, it encourages cooperation with media outlets around the world, especially from the global south.

In the central event for this anniversary, the vice head of the Ideological Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Marydé Fernández, recalled that Operation Truth is more valid today than ever, “because we have every right to confront the lie that is the antidote with which national unity has been forged,” he remarked.

A team of editors, editors, reporters, photographers, as well as correspondents and collaborators in more than 35 countries work in this effort, who nourish the information flow of Prensa Latina, supported by highly qualified engineers and technicians, who make it possible for the signal of the agency travels the planet carrying messages on the most diverse topics, spreading the truth.


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