They pay tribute to prominent fathers of Las Tunas

Las Tunas.-Representing all parents in the province of Las Tunas, 70 outstanding parents were recognized by the main authorities of the Party, the Government, the Union of Young Communists and mass organizations.

In the Plaza de la Revolución Mayor General Vicente García González, in this city, the representatives of the most diverse sectors, but above all, of the most emblematic status of parents, received a congratulatory postcard and a rose, from the hands of the first secretary. of the Provincial Committee of the Party, Walter Simón Noris, Governor Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega, and other leaders of the territory.

The member of the Executive Bureau of the Party in the province of Marbelis Mir Corrales, when addressing the honorees, evoked the Father of the Nation Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Major General Vicente García and the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, examples of fathers, and He extended congratulations to all the so-called guides of the families of Las Tunas.

The beautiful detail of the highest leadership of the province of Las Tunas served to distinguish in a simple way those men who in the midst of their responsibilities do not neglect for a moment the care and training of their children.



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