Two bridges collapsed due to heavy rains in Urabá, Antioquia

Two bridges collapsed due to heavy rains in Urabá, Antioquia
Two bridges collapsed due to heavy rains in Urabá, Antioquia

03:11 PM

The strong rains of the last hours in the Urabá Antioquia caused the collapse of two bridges in rural areas of the municipalities of Carepa and Necoclí, a fact that left the communities that were connected to the urban centers through these structures cut off.

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The most complex situation occurred on Friday in Carepa, where the Largo bridge, located in the La Sucia sector of the Campamento villagegave way to the increase in the flow of the tributary it crossed, leaving another 16 villages incommunicado both from the municipality of Antioquia and from Córdoba.

In a video that circulates on social networks and that It was shared even by the director of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management, Ungrd, Carlos Carrillo, It is observed how the structure is dragged by the water, which reaches its height and takes it downstream.

“We are going to work starting tomorrow – Saturday – with the governor and the mayor to provide solutions to the inhabitants of Carepa,” Carrillo wrote in X.

“With the displacement of the bridge in the La Sucia sector there are approximatelyand eight isolated villages in the municipality of Carepa and approximately eight in the town of Saiza that belongs to the department of Córdoba, These people all do their activities or leave for the municipality of Carepa,” indicated the Secretary of Agriculture and Risk Management Coordinator of the municipality, Liliana Murillo, to Caracol Radio.

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For his part, the Secretary of Physical Infrastructure of Antioquia, Horacio Gallón, indicated that Since May 15, they have been attending to the channel with cleaning and removal of material with excavators, “but unfortunately today a much larger avalanche than the one that came before took away part of the bridge.”

Officials from the departmental secretariat and the Mayor’s Office of Carepa visit the area this Saturday to look for a mobility alternative for the affected communities and evaluate possible future risks.

Meanwhile, In Necoclí, the collapse of an artisanal bridge occurred in the El Mellito sector. Over there, A man was saved from being swept away by the current. The Physical Infrastructure Secretariat is also in communication with the Necoclí Mayor’s Office “to see what the most immediate attention is to that bridge.”

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