The U fully enters the auction for Luciano Cabral

The U fully enters the auction for Luciano Cabral
The U fully enters the auction for Luciano Cabral

Clubs line up to enter the auction for Luciano Cabral. The talented midfielder Coquimbo Kingdom is the main protagonist of the Chilean market this midseason break.

Yes ok The player said goodbye to his teammates in the pirate team, he even took his children out of school in Norte Chico, the truth is that the future of the footballer of Argentine origin It is not yet fully defined.

All while the port club still has not resigned itself to losing its greatest figure. Even, Coach Fernando Díaz himself acknowledged having spoken with Cabral to prevent his departure.

The truth is that Everton de Viña del Mar has already moved for the midfielder. However, the offer of the equipment owned by Mexican Pachuca Group doesn’t even reach amount specified in the contract.

The roulette meeting He approached positions with the footballer himself, to whom he offered a monthly salary of over 25 million and a contract for three seasons. An offer that seems to be close to sealing the commitment.

For a week now, the Viña del Mar team has been the top candidate to keep the talented midfielder. But A couple of days ago, the University of Chile decided definitively to add Cabral to its ranks.

A 180 degree change in the attitude of coach Gustavo Álvarez, who At the beginning of May he ruled out the midfielder as a potential reinforcement for the leader of the national tournament.

“It is not a priority issue. I’m not talking about supposed players, because I’m talking about realities. We will only analyze as a result of the evaluation of our squad, whether it is necessary to incorporate another player or not. “This is an issue that is not a priority for me today,” The blue coach answered about Cabral’s option.

But now the context is different. After opening the transfer window, The university team decided to go all out to access the services of the Coquimbo Kingdom midfielder.

As El Deportivo found out, The U is willing to offer 500 thousand dollars for 70% of the transfer, the exit clause to achieve the contracting of the player by a national club.

Not only that, since the blue They are prepared to offer a series of bonuses to convince the Coquimba cast and achieve the definitive transfer of the footballer. They could even raise their aim to get the rest of the interested parties out of the way..

In addition, Azul Azul would have no problems reaching the figures that Everton manages in terms of salary, to achieve Cabral’s yes and finalize the contract.

However, Colo Colo has not given up either faced with the option of having Cabral. Macul’s team is willing to stick to the rescission payment to achieve the exit, the same half a million dollars for 70%.

Furthermore, the Monumental team is not in any trouble either. Even, He is willing to close the signing now and loan the player until next January. A solution that may well convince Coquimbo Kingdom to hand over its star.

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